Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 8.
Jon is brought before Mance, who accepts him as one of the free folk.
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Jon and Ghost enter the main wildling camp with Rattleshirt's party, including Ygritte, Lenyl, Ragwyle, Longspear Ryk, and Orell, trapped in his eagle. They are met at the edge of the camp by a group of outriders led by the Weeper, who tells them to take Jon to Mance. They enter his tent, where a singer is performing while two men study a map. Jon mistakes one of them for Mance, but he is actually the singer. Mance introduces himself and recognizes Jon. He introduces the others present, Styr, Magnar of Thenn, Tormund Giantsbane, Mance's wife Dalla, who is pregnant with his child, Dalla's sister Val, and Val's current lover, Jarl. Mance asks him why he is there, and Jon lies that Qhorin was just on a ranging from the Shadow Tower. Mance sends the others away to talk further. He tells Jon that he knows him because he has seen him twice. The first time was when he was in the Watch and escorted the old lord commander, Qorgyle, to Winterfell. The second time was the welcoming feast for King Robert, which he secretly attended. Mance tells Jon the story of why he left the Watch. He was wounded by a shadowcat while on a ranging and, fearing they would not reach Maester Mullin at the Shadow Tower in time, his brothers took him to be healed by a wildling woman who also patched his black cloak with red thread. When he returned to the Shadow Tower, they refused to let him wear the cloak. Jon tells him that he deserted because of the low regard he was given as a bastard. Mance accepts him.


Active Characters

  1. Mance Rayder - He is of middling height, slender, and sharp-faced with brown eyes and long brown hair gone mostly to gray.
  2. Rattleshirt - He has a knobby chin, a thin mustache, and sallow pinched cheeks. He has close-set eyes, a sinle eyebrow, and a widow's peak.
  3. Styr - He is slender, wiry, and bald with no ears and gray eyes.
  4. The Weeper - He is fleshy and blonde with watery eyes.
  5. Tormund - He is large with a white beard.
  6. Val - She has blonde hair.


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