Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 10.
Bran decides to look for the three-eyed crow beyond the Wall.
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Bran is running through the woods inside Summer. Just as he steals a kill from a pack of wolves, Hodor wakes him up. Jojen admonishes him for becoming lost in his wolf self and not remembering to do things like mark trees so they know where Summer's kills are. Bran is sullen; he wishes that he never had to leave Summer. Meera returns with fish and frogs for dinner. Jojen says they should move on. They have been staying in an abandoned tower for several days, but Jojen is not convinced it is safe. He wants to go beyond the Wall and find the three-eyed crow. Meera finds this idea foolish since they have no idea where to look. Bran says they should sail down the White Knife to White Harbor, but he is ignored as usual. Bran asks why they need to find the crow anyway. Jojen says that Bran has opened his third eye, but he is still not in control of his gift. Winter is coming, and Bran will be needed. Meera comes around, but she tells Bran it should be his decision. He decides they should find the crow.


Active Characters

  1. Meera Reed - She has green eyes.


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