Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 11.
Davos returns to Dragonstone and resolves to kill Melisandre, blaming her for the debacle at King's Landing. He is arrested before he can carry out the deed.
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Davos watches from on deck as Shayala's Dance approaches Dragonstone. The sounds of the boat remind him of his youth as a smuggler and the sea watch, commanded by Ser Tristimun that was ruthlessly efficient at catching smugglers in Aerys II's day. The captain of the ship, a Lyseni named Khorane Sathmantes, has been kind to him on the voyage, giving him use of his cabin and clothes. He also spoke of the battle and how Renly's ghost led the van of Lord Tywin's army.1 Few remained loyal, mostly Florents. Lord Alester is now Hand of the King. Khorane comes up to say they have arrived and that Salladhor will want to see him. Davos says he must see Stannis, but Khorane explains that no one sees him anymore. Davos finds Salladhor on a Pentoshi trader called Bountiful Harvest. Salladhor is overjoyed to see him and orders one of his eunuchs, Meizo Mahr, to show him to the owner's cabin and get him refreshments.

Salladhor arrives soon after and explains that Lord Alester made him Lord of Blackwater Bay and gave him leave to collect duties from passing ships. He seizes those that do not pay, such as Bountiful Harvest, which is owned by Illyrio Mopatis. He tells Davos that some of Stannis's ships escaped the fire, including Lord Steffon, Ragged Jenna, Swift Sword, and Laughing Lord. They were all trapped upriver by the chain and most of them were captured or scuttled. Ragged Jenna and Laughing Lord are still on the river acting as raiders. Lady Marya and Wraith did not survive, and both Dale and Allard are dead. Devan, however, survived. Salladhor offers Davos a ship and a place in his fleet, but Davos declines. He wants to see Stannis, but Salladhor repeats that he sees no one. Queen Selyse has given Lord Alester the title of Hand and granted him use of the king's seal, and they run the realm. Stannis closets himself with Melisandre and watches the flames. Davos thinks that she sent the flames at King's Landing and sent Stannis, and his sons, to their deaths to show that she is indispensible. Davos declares his intention to kill her. Salladhor tries to dissuade him, telling him that Melisandre has been burning traitors in her fires, including Lord Guncer and Ser Hubard's sons. Davos will not be turned aside and leaves.

At the gate to Dragonstone, Davos is refused admittance. He asks if Jate Blackberry is still captain of the gate, but he is dead. He asks next after Lord Chyttering, but he died on the Blackwater. Davos names off two more guards, Hookface Will and Hal the Hog, but they are dead too. The guard finally goes to get instructions and returns to lets him in. He is escorted to a garden by Florent guardsmen and instructed to wait. Patchface and Shireen come through. Patchface stops for a second when he sees Davos and utters a strange rhyme: Fool's blood, king's blood, blood on the maiden's thigh, but chains for the guests and chains for the bridegroom, aye aye aye."2 Edric barrels into him soon after. He asks who Davos is and says that Stannis should not have cut off his fingers when he learns he is the knight of onions. Just then, Ser Axell comes to take him to the dungeon for plotting to kill Melisandre.


Active Characters

  1. Edric Storm - He has large ears and black hair.
  2. Khorane Sathmantes - He has a bony, weatherworne face with blue eyes.
  3. Salladhor Saan - He has a pointed gray beard.
  4. Will - He has a long scar on his face from a fishhook.


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