Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 14.
Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners. Harwin recognizes her and reveals her identity.
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Arya and Hot Pie are picking vegetables out of a garden when they hear singing. Arya has Hot Pie go wake up Gendry and hide the horses while she hides in a nearby tree. One of the horses whinnies, and the singer hears them. He discusses with two others shooting arrows over the wall, and Arya comes out and gives herself up. Gendry and Hot Pie reveal themselves soon after. The singer introduces himself as Tom of Sevenstreams and his companions as Lemoncloak and Anguy. Hot Pie gives his name, but Arya calls herself Squab and Gendry goes by the Bull. The three men say they are king's men loyal to King Robert, but Arya thinks they are outlaws. Hot Pie blurts out that they are looking for Riverrun, and Tom suggests they go to a nearby inn run by a woman named Sharna first. He tells them there will be food, including whatever Arya just stole from Old Pate's garden, who is dead, and has Anguy quickly send an arrow near Arya's head for emphasis. They agree to go along.

They arrive at the inn, which is the Inn of the Kneeling Man. Sharna greets them gruffly when they arrive and calls Husband down to help fix dinner. They all get seated, and a boy brings out Ale.1 Husband goes out for provisions and comes back to inquire about the horses in the stable. Tom laments that they are better than the ones Husband lost. He explains that Sharna was up at Lambswold birthing Fern and that he could not take the guests on alone. He gave them directions to the outlaws so they could take the horses back, but they never showed.2 Tom gives Arya a piece of paper and says it is redeemable for three gold dragons when the war is over; he is using it to pay for their horses. Arya begins to protest as Gendry comes in to announce that riders are coming. Arya and Hot Pie panic, but Sharna tells them not to be afraid. Arya reaches for her sword, but Lem grabs her. Fearing being captured again, Arya hits him with her tankard, breaking his nose. He grabs her again as the riders enter the inn. An enormous Tyroshi with a green beard is first,3 followed by many others. Arya recognizes Harwin and calls out to him. Harwin does not recognize her at first, but then realizes who she is and announces she is Arya Stark of Winterfell.


Active Characters

  1. Anguy - He is skinny with freckles and red hair.
  2. Lemoncloak - He has a bushy brown beard.
  3. Tom - He is around fifty with a big mouth, a sharp nose, and thinning brown hair.


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