Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 15.
Robb returns to Riverrun and reveals to Catelyn that he has married Jeyne Westerling in violation of his agreement with Walder Frey.
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Catelyn hears the dogs go crazy in the kennels and knows that Robb must have returned with Grey Wind. Edmure has shunned her since their one meeting, and she has mostly been left alone with Lord Hoster. One night, she heard a lot of angry shouting and saw a group of forty men led by Ser Perwyn and Martyn leave the castle after trampling a Stark banner, but Maester Vyman refuses to tell her what happened. Ser Desmond eventually comes for her and tells her that Robb awaits her in the Great Hall. When she arrives, most of Robb's bannermen are already attending him, including the Greatjon and the Smalljon, Lady Maege, Lord Jason, Lord Tytos, Ser Edmure, and Ser Brynden. Catelyn is surprised to see an unfamiliar group of people on the dais with Robb. Utherydes bangs his staff as she comes forward. She tells Robb that she freed Jaime for her girls. Lord Rickard lashes out at her angrily because he has been denied vengeance for his sons. The Greatjon tells him to go easy as it was only a mother's folly. Robb stops the bickering and gives Catelyn his forgiveness by saying he knows what it means to commit a folly for love, causing Rickard to storm out angrily. Robb says he must speak with her and his uncles alone and ends the court. Catelyn realizes that Grey Wind is not at Robb's side where he belongs.

As the nobles file out, Lady Maege and the Greatjon give their sympathy and understanding to Catelyn, while Galbart, Lord Jason, and Lord Jonos are cool, but polite. When the hall empties, all that remains are Robb, Edmure, Brynden, Catelyn, and the six strangers on the dais. Robb introduces them as Lady Sybell Westerling, wife of Lord Gawen, her brother, Ser Rolph Spicer, castellan of the Crag, and Lord Gawen's children, Ser Raynald, Eleyna, Rollam, his new squire, and Jeyne, his new wife. Catelyn is taken aback, but realizes that Robb has snared her by forgiving her for freeing Jaime out of love for her daughters; she cannot object now. The Westerlings take their leave. Catelyn mentions that the Westerlings are sworn to Lord Tywin, and Robb says that Lord Jason captured Lord Gawen at the Whispering Wood and is holding him at Seagard. He will be freed immediately. Catelyn also points out that Robb has now lost House Frey. Robb explains what happened. He took the Crag by storm, with the Greatjon and Black Walder leading scaling parties over the walls. Robb commanded a ram at the gate and took an arrow in the arm. The wound festered, and Jeyne had him moved to her own bed and looked after him. She was there when he learned that Theon had killed Bran and Rickon, and she comforted him. They wed the next day. Robb might have been able to reason with Ser Stevron, but Ser Ryman and Black Walder would have none of it and left. Olyvar wanted to stay on as his squire, but Ryman did not allow it. The Greatjon thought they should attack the Freys then and there, but Robb knew that would lead to disaster. Robb hopes that Lord Walder will accept a compromise of some sort, but Catelyn does not believe he will. Not only did Robb break his promise, but he married the daughter of a house with lesser standing. They are an old house, tracing their lineage back to the First Men, and another Jeyne was wife to King Maegor three hundred years ago, but Frey is more wealthy and more powerful. Catelyn asks why Grey Wind is not there, and Robb responds that Jeyne is uneasy around him, and he growls around Ser Rolph. Catelyn says he should send Ser Rolph away on some pretext. She firmly believes that the direwolves were sent by the old gods as protectors. Robb used to think so until he learned what Theon did to Bran and Rickon.

They retire to Lord Hoster's audience chamber. Edmure continues to talk of his victory at Stone Mill until Brynden angrily cuts him off. Robb had wanted Tywin to come west. He had meant to lead Tywin's army, composed mostly of foot, on a chase though the Westerlands and then meet him on ground of his own choosing. If Tywin fought, he would have been bloodied. If not, he would have been trapped in the west while Stannis attacked King's Landing. If Stannis had won, Robb might have been able to forge a peace. Instead, riders from Bitterbridge were able to meet with Tywin just in time for him to link up with Lord Mathis and Lord Randyll and then march to meet Lord Mace and take Stannis in the rear. Catelyn says that Robb must now win back the North. Robb does not see how he can unless he wins back Lord Walder.


Active Characters

  1. Gawen Westerling - Lord Gawen is being held for ransom at Seaguard by Lord Jason Mallister.
  2. Jeyne Westerling - She is slender with chestnut curls and a heart-shaped face.
  3. Raynald Westerling - He has a bushy mustache and chestnut-colored hair.
  4. Rolph Spicer - He is square-built with a broken nose and a close-cropped gray beard.


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