Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 17.
Sansa is measured for a new gown.
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A seamstress takes Sansa's measurements for a new gown. She is surprised to learn that Cersei has ordered it made. Her days have been better since she has begun spending them with Margaery and her ladies. Lady Leonette has been instructing her on playing the high harp, Lady Janna gives her choice gossip, Meredyth is always ready with a funny story, and Lady Alysanne reminds her of Arya. She has become closest, however, to Megga, Alla, and Elinor, who are now constant companions with whom she does needlework, plays at tiles, and worships in the sept. Elinor is the leader by virtue of being a flowered woman, and she is also betrothed to Alyn Ambrose, a squire and son of Lord Arthur Ambrose who distinguished himself in the battle against Stannis. Sansa thinks all three are children though, with heads full of chivalry and no real knowledge of war or death. She spends some time with Margaery too, and grows fond of the idea of having her as a sister. She warns Margaery again how terrible Joffrey is, but Margaery is unconcerned with her brother on the Kingsguard to shelter her as Prince Aemon sheltered Naerys from their brother and her husband, Aegon IV. Sansa is not so sure and thinks that Loras may end up killing the king and starting a war between Tyrell and Lannister. Sansa tells Dontos about her pending betrothal to Willas and that she no longer needs his help to escape. Dontos is not happy about this at all and responds that the Tyrells love her no more than the Lannisters and only want her claim as heir to Winterfell. As the measuring continues, Sansa's thoughts return to her new gown and how she cannot wait to wear it.


  1. Appearing: Sansa Stark

Active Characters

  1. Alyn Ambrose - A squire and son of Lord Arthur Ambrose. He is promised to Elinor Tyrell. He fought in the battle against Stannis at King's Landing.
  2. Elinor Tyrell - She is promised to Alyn Ambrose.


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