Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 22.
Cleos is killed by brigands, and Brienne and Jaime are captured by the Brave Companions. Vargo Hoat orders his men to chop off Jaime's right hand.
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Brienne, Jaime, and Cleos arrive at Maidenpool. The castle still flies the standard of House Mooton, but much of the town is destroyed. They turn towards Duskendale. A little ways along the road, they are ambushed by archers. Cleos is hit and gets dragged along the ground by his horse. Jaime charges the archers followed by Brienne, and they run away. Jaime and Brienne find Cleos dead; he has an arrow in his arm and another in his chest, but it was having his head banged against the ground that killed him. Jaime asked to be released and armed with Cleos's sword, but Brienne refuses. He finally gets fed up, pulls Cleos's sword, and lunges at Brienne. They fight for a good while, but Brienne finally gets the better of him. She is trying to make him yield when they are surrounded by riders. It is a band of the Brave Companions, including Rorge and Timeon. Urswyck is in command. He informs Jaime that Vargo has been promised Harrenhal and fights for the Starks now. Jaime tells him that Brienne is worth a good ransom to spare her from rapes. They are taken to Vargo, who is at a pillaged sept. He tells Jaime that he means to send a message. Shagwell knocks him to the ground and a Dothraki1 cuts off his right hand.



  1. Maidenpool - Maidenpool is the site of the pool where Florian first met Jonquil according to legend.


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