Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 28.
Daenerys agrees to sell one of her dragons for all the Unsullied in Astapor. When the deal is concluded, she turns on the slavemasters and orders her Unsullied to kill every slaver in the city.
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Daenerys stands before eight slave masters, including Kraznys and several named Grazdan, named for the founder of Old Ghis, Grazdan the Great, flanked by Irri, Jhiqui, Arstan, Belwas, Aggo, Jhogo, Rakharo, and Ser Jorah. She tells them she wants to buy all the Unsullied they have. The slave girl translates. The slavers are taken aback and ask for clarification. She states she would like all of the eight thousand available, plus the additional six hundred trained Unsullied in the city and the boys still in training. They balk at selling the trainees until she states she will pay double for all of them. One of the Grazdan's, who knows a few words of the common tongue, tells her that at double the price she only has enough gold from her trading goods for five hundred. She offers her ships as well, and the slavers say that will net her two thousand. She offers them a dragon. Arstan protests fiercely until Daenerys has Ser Jorah remove him. The masters agree to give Daenerys all she wants in exchange for the trading goods, ships, and Drogon. They include the slave girl in the deal as a token to serve as translator. Daenerys takes her leave with her retinue and the slave girl. She scolds Arstan for disagreeing with her in front of others, and then asks the slave girl her name, which is Missandei. Daenerys frees her and then quizzes her about the Unsullied. When they return to the ship, she feeds her dragons and then argues with Groleo over selling the ships. That night, she cannot sleep and goes on deck. After a brief talk with Ser Jorah, she is able to go to sleep. She wakes up from a dream and realizes someone is in her cabin with her. She hears Quaithe repeat her prophecy about going to Asshai,1 but when she gets out of bed, there is no one there.

The next morning, Daenerys rides Silver into Astapor with Aggo going before, Belwas and Missandei flanking her, and Ser Jorah to the rear. Jhogo and Rakharo guard her litter, in which Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion ride with Irri and Jhiqui. The rest of her people follow, including Groleo and his sailors, Arstan, and the eighty-three Dothraki that still remain with her. The masters await with the Unsullied in the Plaza of Punishment before the main gate of the city. Kraznys takes Drogon's leash and hands Daenerys the harpy's fingers, a nine lashed whip that symbolizes her ownership. Daenerys rides down the line of Unsullied and tells them in Valyrian that the deal is done and they are hers now. She then returns to Kraznys, who is having difficulty with Drogon. Daenerys tells the slaver that a dragon is no slave before tearing his face with the whip and ordering Drogon to unleash his fire. Drogon burns Kraznys to death. The other dragons join in, while Aggo, Jhogo, Rakharo, and Belwas begin attacking those few nearby soldiers that have not already fled. Grazdan mo Ullhor orders the Unsullied to defend him, but they do not move as Aggo kills him with an arrow through the mouth. They stir at Daenerys's command and begin killing the slavers and setting the slaves free.


Active Characters

  1. Grazdan - He has a pointed beard.


  1. Old Ghis - Old Ghis was founded by Grazdan the Great. The city fought Valyria in five wars, but was bested by Valyria's dragons.
  2. Worm River - A river in the Slaver's Bay region. It flows through Astapor, where it enters Slaver's Bay.


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