Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 30.
The outlaws come to Stoney Sept hunting for Lord Beric. The leader of the town, the Mad Huntsman, captures Sandor.
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Arya, Gendry, Greenbeard, Harwin, Tom, Lem, Anguy, Jack-Be-Lucky, and the rest of the outlaws arrive at Stoney Sept. Harwin tells Arya that one of the major battles of Robert's Rebellion was fought at Stoney Sept and named the Battle of the Bells. Lord Jon Connington took the town of Stoney Sept with a large host and then began searching for Robert house by house. While he was doing so, Lords Eddard and Hoster fell upon Lord Jon with their own force, and fighting raged throughout the town. The septons rang all the bells in the town to warn the people to stay indoors, which gave the battle its name. When Robert heard the bells, he joined the fight as well and personally slew Ser Myles Mooton. Lord Jon wounded Lord Hoster and killed Ser Denys Arryn, but was forced to withdraw in defeat. The town has obviously seen fighting, but is still inhabited and defended. The captain on the gate tells them that the Huntsman is off looking for Jaime. The Huntsman hates Lannisters because they raped his wife and sister, torched his crops, and killed all his sheep along with six of his dogs. In the central square of the town, they see eight men in crow's cages, only three of which are still alive. They are northmen who were looking for Jaime and did rape and murder at Tumbler's Falls. The Huntsman ordered them placed in the cages. Ser Wilbert, master of the town, is dead and his sons are off with Robb, so the Mad Huntsman is the defacto ruler of the town. Arya gives the men some water, despite warnings from the townsfolk that the Huntsman will not be happy, and then Anguy ends their suffering with a few well-placed arrows.

They ride to a partially damaged inn, the Peach, where they are greeted by the innkeeper, Tansy. She gets them baths and food, and girls as well, for it is a brothel. Alyce, Bella, Cass, Helly, Jyzene, Lanna, and Leslyn circulate around the establishment to pleasure the men. Arya and Gendry sit together. Bella approaches them and says she may be a bastard of King Robert. He had sex with all the whores at the Peach during the Battle of the Bells including her mother, and Lanna has told her that he liked Bella's mom the best. She is named Bella in honor of the Battle of the Bells. She asks Gendry if he wants to have her, but he angrily stalks off.1 An older man takes an interest in Arya, but Gendry comes back to scare him off before rounding on Arya in a surprising fury about their difference in status and stalking off again. That night, Arya dreams she is Nymeria hunting in the forest. The next morning, she is awakened by the sound of dogs barking. The Huntsman has returned with a captive, and Arya is delighted to see who it is.2


Active Characters

  1. Bella - She has black hair.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - Perhaps worried that she is a bastard of Robert and therefore a half-sister to him.
  • 2 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ASOS 35). Click to show.


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