Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 32.
Jaime and Brienne are brought to Harrenhal.
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Jaime's life has been agony since the Brave Companions took his hand. He has been forced to ride strapped to Brienne since he cannot sit a horse. He wears his hand on a cord around his neck, which Urswyck provided. One night, he tried to escape by taking a sword from Timeon. Shagwell just danced around him as he tried to land blows until he tripped and Rorge took the blade away. Vargo warns him that if he tries to escape again there will be consequences. Jaime just wants to die, but Brienne tells him that is craven and that he must live to take revenge. He realizes that she is right and that he must survive. The days blur together as they ride. On one occasion, he learns their destination is Harrenhal and laughs because it is where he received his white cloak after which he was sent away by Aerys and not allowed to joust in the tournament there. Now he is coming back. One night, Shagwell, Rorge, and Zollo decide to rape Brienne. Jaime realizes that she will be seriously hurt or killed and cries out, saving her and earning himself a great deal of pain when Rorge kicks his stump. Jaime and Brienne are guarded for the rest of the trip to protect them. Jaime and Brienne are paraded through the gates of Harrenhal on foot. They are brought before Lord Roose and a group of Freys including Ser Danwell, Ser Aenys, and Ser Hosteen1. Brienne speaks of her oath and her mission, but the Freys are still angry at Robb and care nothing about Stark oaths. Lord Roose catches them up on the major recent happenings in the kingdom before ordering Jaime cared for. He is not happy about the attempted rape of Brienne or the cutting off of Jaime's hand. Roose places Brienne under his protection and has Amabel lead her to new quarters. Walton escorts Jaime to Qyburn. Qyburn tells Jaime that he will have to lose the whole arm, but Jaime warns that he will kill him if he removes more than just the mortified flesh around the wound. Qyburn tends to Jaime's wounds.


Active Characters

  1. Qyburn - He has gray hair and brown eyes.


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