Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 33.
Tyrion meets with Symon Silver Tongue and tells him to leave the city. When he refuses, Tyrion orders him killed.
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Tyrion, guarded by Bronn, inspects the riverfront so that he can begin to plan the rebuilding of the destroyed dock facilities and the reopening of the port. Ser Kevan was supposed to oversee the project, but he has been distraught ever since news of Martyn's death arrived, particularly since Willem is still captive and Lancel has a wound that refuses to heal. Tyrion is in a black mood due to his marriage. The whole castle seems to know that Sansa is still a maiden, while the girl herself hates him and is revolted by his appearance. Furthermore, Shae appears completely indifferent to the match, and Tyrion realizes that the whore never really loved him. The inspection done, Tyrion turns to his other reason for going out. Bronn leads him to a small wine sink in a poor part of town where Symon Silver Tongue is waiting. Tyrion suggests that he take a tour of the free cities, spending a year in each. Tyrion will pay his passage. Symon counters with a few lines from a song he has written about Tyrion and Shae and threatens to sing it to Tywin or Cersei. Tyrion says that silence could be more profitable, and Symon names his price. At Joffrey's wedding feast, there are to be seven singers competing for a silver lute: Galyeon of Cuy, Bethany Fair-Fingers, Aemon Costayne, Alaric of Eysen, Hamish the Harper, Collio Quaynis, and Orland of Oldtown. Symon wants to perform too. Tyrion promises to create an opening for him. When he rejoins Bronn, he orders the man to wait three days and then return to kill Symon.

When Tyrion returns to the castle, Podrick informs him that Lord Tywin would like to see him. When Tyrion arrives, Tywin is examining a Valyrian steel blade with Tobho Mott. The sword is a gift for Joffrey and has an ornate scabbard and dark red ripples on the blade.1 Tywin is extremely pleased, as House Lannister does not own a Valyrian steel blade. The Kings of the Rock had owned one called Brightroar, but King Tommen II lost it when he died during a foolish expedition to Valyria. Eight years ago, Tywin's brother, Gerion, traveled to Valyria in an attempt to recover the sword and has not been heard from since. Three times Tywin tried to buy a sword from an impoverished old house, but was rebuffed each time. Tyrion wonders where the Valyrian steel came from.2 Tobho explains that he was trying to make the whole blade crimson, but the steel would not take the color. There is also another sword, which is for Jaime.3 Tobho takes his leave, and Tywin asks Tyrion about the port. Tyrion describes the work that needs to be done and wonders where the money will come from. Tywin tells him to find the coin or he will be replaced. Tywin next turns the discussion to Sansa and tells Tyrion that he must take her maidenhead. Tyrion is indignant and refuses to speak of the subject and further asks why there is no talk of impending nuptials for Cersei. Tywin reveals that Lord Mace refused his offer to wed Cersei to Willas. Apparently, Lord Mace was amenable, but Lady Olenna berated him into refusing. Tywin tells Tyrion that they must act as if the offer was never made. Grand Maester Pycelle arrives. He has a bird from Bowen at Castle Black stating that contact has been lost with Lord Commander Mormont, and he is feared slain with his entire command. The letter begs all five kings in the realm to send men to the Wall. Tywin does not feel the matter is that important, but thinks the Watch could be useful if molded properly. Lord Tywin plans to send a message stating that if the Watch wants to see any men, they must elect Lord Janos as their new Lord Commander.


Active Characters

  1. Symon - He is short and stocky with thinning brown hair and pink cheeks.


  1. Brightroar - The ancestral sword of House Lannister. It is made of Valyrian steel. The sword was lost by King Tommen II Lannister on his doomed expedition to Valyria. Its present whereabouts are unknown.
  2. Valyrian Steel - The art of making Valyrian steel was lost when Valyria fell, but some master metal workers can rework the metal. There are several thousand Valyrian steel blades remaining in the world, with about two hundred in Westeros.


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