Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 35.
Arya and Sandor are brought before Lord Beric. Sandor kills Lord Beric in a trial by combat, but he returns alive several minutes later.
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Harwin removes a hood from Arya's head while Lem does the same for Gendry. They are in a large cave inside a complex tunnel system. Greenbeard points out Thoros to Arya, who is talking to Tom. He is no longer fat and bald, but has droopy skin and shaggy gray hair. The Mad Huntsman brings Sandor forward. Thoros walks over to Sandor and explains that he is a false priest no more but a true servant of the Lord of Light. Sandor verbally spars with Thoros, Lem, Greenbeard, and Anguy, before Lord Beric himself approaches. Sandor mocks him as well and tells the assembled to get on with killing him. Thoros says they will do justice. He, Harwin, Jack-Be-Lucky, Greenbeard, Tom, and others begin a litany of names of people killed by the Lannisters during the war, including Lord Lothar Mallery, Ser Gladden Wylde, Alyn, Ser Raymun Darry, young Lord Darry,1 Ser Andrey Charlton and his squire Lucas Roote, Ser Ormond, Ser Dudley, the Bastard of Bracken, Lord Deddings and his wife, Jack's brothers Lister and Lennocks, and a large number of commoners from towns like Fieldstone, Mousedown Mill, Donnelwood, Mory, Lancewood, and Shermer's Grove. Sandor is furious, as he was not personally responsible for any of those deaths. He says they can kill him, but they should not call it justice. Arya comes forward then and tells how he murdered Mycah.2

Thoros and Beric confer briefly and then decree that Sandor will have a trial by battle before the Lord of Light. Beric's squire, Edric Dayne, helps him removes his breastplate, exposing his ribs and a lance wound that went right through him. Thoros brings Sandor his sword and orders Anguy, Dennet, and Kyle to shoot him if he tries to cut his way free. After a prayer to the Lord of Light, the combatants prepare themselves for the fight. Beric draws his sword across his hand, and the blade catches fire. During the fight, Sandor is set on fire, but he manages to kill Beric. Thoros takes the body away while a woman named Melly sees to Sandor's injuries. Arya snatches Greenbeard's dagger and moves to kill him, but cannot do it. Arya tells Sandor to go to hell, and Beric emerges to say that he already has.


Active Characters

  1. Beric Dondarrion - Much of his body is a mess. He has a bald spot where his head was smashed in, a missing eye, and a black scar around his neck.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - This must be Raymun's son, Lyman.
  • 2 - AGOT 17


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