Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 36.
Lord Hoster dies and is given a funeral. A Frey contingent arrives stating that they will accept an apology from Robb if Edmure marries Roslin Frey.
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Catelyn watches as Lord Hoster is prepared for his final send-off. He is placed in a boat flying his colors with his shield, hunting horn, and helm and surrounded by driftwood and kindling. Seven are chosen to push the boat into the river, to honor the seven faces of god. They are Robb, Lord Jonos, Lord Tytos, Lord Karyl, Lord Jason, Ser Marq, and Lord Walder Frey's steward for the past twelve years, Lame Lothar Frey, who has just arrived with a Frey contingent led by Walder Rivers, Lord Walder's eldest bastard. The symbolism of sending a cripple and a bastard as envoys is not lost on anybody, but Robb greeted them gracefully and quietly asked Ser Desmond to step aside so that Lothar could join the funeral detail. Ser Brynden, standing next to Catelyn, tells Lord Edmure it is time. Edmure launches a flaming arrow at the boat, but misses. He tries twice more before finally handing the bow to Brynden in frustration, who successfully sets the boat alight.

Brynden escorts Catelyn to Robb and Jeyne. Robb embraces her, then begins receiving condolences from his lords, including Lord Jason, the Greatjon, and Ser Rolph. Lothar comes up and asks for an audience that evening, which Robb grants. Robb tells Catelyn to walk with him. A lot of bad news has been coming in recently. Robb has learned of the defeat at Duskendale and also that Robett was captured soon after the battle. He plans to exchange Martyn for him. Now, Robb has to tell Catelyn that Sansa has been married to Tyrion. Catelyn says it is time to bend the knee to the Lannisters, but Robb says he will never make peace with those who killed his father. Catelyn takes her leave.

Hours later, Rollam comes to summon her to dinner and the audience with Lothar. Robb, Edmure, and Walder are there as well. After dinner, Lothar begins by reporting that Winterfell has burned. Big Walder and Little Walder have sent a letter stating that a battle was fought and Theon put the castle to the torch when hope was lost and most of the people to the sword.1 Most of the women and children survived and were taken by Ramsay to the Dreadfort. Lothar says that Walder will accept a new marriage alliance if Robb comes to the Twins and apologizes personally for his actions. Robb accepts. Lothar says that in that case, Edmure must marry Walder's youngest daughter, Roslin, the child of his sixth wife, Bethany Rosby. Edmure is furious that he must marry a woman he has never seen, but Walder says that their will be no alliance if these terms are not met. Robb dismisses the Freys. Edmure tries to refuse, but the others tell him winning back the Freys is essential, and he grudgingly relents.


Active Characters

  1. Lothar Frey - He is plump with close-set eyes, a pointed beard, and dark hair in ringlets to his shoulders. His nickname derives from a leg twisted at birth.


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