Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 44.
Arya runs from the Brotherhood and gets captured by Sandor.
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Arya sees a hill in the distance and realizes they have returned to High Heart. They make camp on the hill. Arya, Gendry, and Edric watch as Thoros gazes into the fire. Edric says he sees things in the flames sometimes, but he sees nothing that day. Gendry states that his master, Tobho Mott, used to say Thoros was a sot and a fraud, and Thoros agrees that was once true. He was the youngest of eight, so he was packed off to the temple. He never took to the profession, often raiding the kitchens and sleeping with women. He was good with languages and occasionally saw things in the flames, however, so he was kept around. He was finally sent to Westeros because he was such a hassle and it was hoped Aerys II, with his love of fire, could be converted. Aerys never took to him, but Robert did from the moment he used a flaming sword in his first tournament melee and Ser Kevan Lannister's horse reared and threw him. Beric comes over and says that fire consumes until nothing is left, and that six times were too many.

Notch, Anguy, and Merrit take the watch. Late in the night, Arya sees the Ghost of High Heart enter the camp and seat herself next to Beric, Lem, and Tom. She tells them of the latest news. Balon Greyjoy is dead, and his men are fighting among themselves; Lord Hoster is dead too. She has also had more dreams. She dreamed of the goat sitting alone and fevered in the hall of kings as the great dog descends on him,1 a wolf howling in grief in the rain, a clangor of horns and drums and the sad sound of a little bell,2 a maid at a feast with purple serpents in her hair,3 and the same maid slaying a giant in a castle built of snow.4 She senses Arya and tells her to come closer. She says Arya is a blood child and smells of death. She bids Arya to leave, as she gorged on grief at Summerhall. Beric tells her they are taking Arya to her mother at Riverrun, and she tells them that Ser Brynden holds Riverrun, and Catelyn has gone to the Twins for the wedding.

It pours rain that night, and Edric, Lem, and Watty wake up with chills the next morning. They decide to wait out the storm in a nearby village. The rain does not let up as they ride, and soon Mudge and Merrit are getting sick too. Arya talks to Edric on the ride. He became a page for Lord Beric at seven when his Aunt Allyria was betrothed to him. At ten, he was raised to his squire and has served in that capacity for two years. Suddenly, Edric mentions Jon. He says they are milk brothers because his wet nurse, Wylla, was Jon's mother. Arya asks who he is, and he reveals he is Edric Dayne, the lord of Starfall. He tells Arya about his aunt, Ashara, who met Eddard at Harrenhal and fell in love with him there and later committed suicide for a broken heart. Arya rides away from them in anger. Harwin rides up to her after awhile and tells her it does not matter; Eddard was not betrothed, there was no stain on his honor, and they are all dead anyway. They arrive at the village, which has long been in ruins. Notch explains that it was Lord Goodbrook's village. He remained loyal to Aerys during Robert's Rebellion, so Lord Hoster descended on him with fire and sword. Thoros calls for a fire, which Jack-Be-Lucky, Notch and Merrit prepare. Thoros sees Riverrun in the flames, under attack by Lannisters. Lord Beric decides they must wait and figure out what is going on. Arya cannot take it anymore and dashes out into the rain. She is about to turn around and go back, when Sandor grabs her and drags her back to his horse.


Active Characters

  1. Edric Dayne - He has dark blue eyes that are almost purple and pale blond hair. He is twelve.


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