Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 46.
Robb sets out for the Twins. On the way, he holds a council and names Jon Snow his heir.
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Robb sets out for the Twins in a light drizzle with a party including Catelyn, Edmure, and Lothar. Jeyne rides to join the party and begs to be taken along, but Robb sends her back to Riverrun. It was Catelyn's idea to leave her behind, as her presence could lead to great difficulty. Ser Raynald is the only Westerling with the group. The others remain at Riverrun save Ser Rolph, who was dispatched to Duskendale as soon as Lord Tywin consented to trade Robett for Martyn. They are protected by Ser Brynden, whom Robb has named to the new title Warden of the Southern Marches. With Ser Rolph gone, Grey Wind is at Robb's side once more. Galbart commands the outriders of Robb's army in Brynden's absence, while the Greatjon leads the van, Ser Wendel guards the baggage, and Robin leads the rear guard. The army is thirty-five hundred strong and consists almost entirely of Northmen; the lords of the Riverlands are staying behind to defend their lands while Robb retakes the North. Lady Maege and Dacey speak to Catelyn about the upcoming fight with confidence, but Catelyn is not so sure. Edmure spends most of his time with his friends and companions, including Ser Marq, Patrek, and Lord Lymond Goodbrook.

The rains get worse, and Galbart reports that the bridge at Fairmarket has washed away. They will have to take the road through Sevenstreams and Hag's Mire. Eight days later, they reach Oldstones. Robb asks Catelyn about the history of the place, which is mentioned in a song about Jenny of Oldstones. Catelyn remembers the one time she camped there as a girl when she pretended to be Jenny and Petyr was her Prince of Dragonflies.1 She explains that Oldstones was the castle of Tristifer IV Mudd, a king of the First Men who once ruled from the Neck to the Trident. He was known as the Hammer of Justice and won ninety-nine battles against Andal invaders but was defeated and killed in his hundredth when seven Andal kings joined against him. His successor, Tristifer V, was not his equal, and the kingdom was lost and House Mudd, which had ruled for a thousand years, was ended. Robb and Catelyn next talk of the succession. With Bran and Rickon gone, Robb needs to name an heir to serve in that capacity until Jeyne gives him a son. Catelyn says that Lord Rickard had no siblings but his father2 had a sister who married a younger son of Lord Raymar Royce of the junior branch. She had three daughters who married a Waynwood, a Corbray, and a Templeton. Robb silences his mother and states he wants to legitimize Jon, release him from the Watch, and designate him heir. Catelyn thinks this is a bad idea, fearing that he would harm Robb's own issue to secure his position. She points out that Aegon IV legitimized his bastards on his deathbed leading to five generations of Blackfyre pretenders before Ser Barristan Selmy slew the last in the Stepstones.3 Robb is angry at his mother's lack of support and stalks off.

The rain does not let up, and the progress slows to a crawl in Hag's Mire. Lord Jason catches up to the column there. He brings with him the captain of the Myraham, who reports that Balon Greyjoy is dead. What's more, his brother Euron returned to Pyke the very day Balon died and claimed the Seastone Chair. When Lord Sawane Botley objected, Euron had him drowned in a cask of seawater. Robb sees the opportunity here. He realizes that Victarion and Asha must return to Pyke to contest Euron's hold on the throne and that they will take most of their ships and captains with them, weakening the defenses at Moat Cailin. Robb tells Lord Jason to prepare two ships to return to the North. Galbart will be on one and Lady Maege on the other, and they will make for Greywater Watch to inform Lord Howland of the plan. After the wedding, Robb will divide his army into three battles led by himself, the Greatjon, and Lord Roose. While the Greatjon leads an attack up the causeway, Robb's battle will bypass Moat Cailin with Howland's help and fall on the castle from the rear. He also informs Catelyn that she will wait out the rest of the war at Seagard. Finally, he has his lords witness his royal decree naming his heir, presumably Jon.


  1. Oldstones - A ruined castle in the Riverlands. It was once the seat of House Mudd, the ruling house of the Riverlands in the days of the First Men. It was destroyed by the Andal invaders who ended the Mudd line.
  2. Sevenstreams - Sevenstreams is the area where the Blue Fork of the Trident breaks into a large number of smaller brooks and rills.


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