Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 49.
Jon reaches Castle Black and warns of the impending wildling attack.
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Jon rides hard to stay ahead of Styr's raiders. He is feverish, and his leg is in agony, but he is in time. He stops at Mole's Town briefly to change mounts and give warning, and then he completes the journey to Castle Black. The place seems deserted when he arrives. The only sign of life is a small wisp of smoke from the armory, so he goes there and discovers Donal Noye. Donal tells him they thought he had gone over to the wildlings, as Jarmen's scouting party, returned to Castle Black two weeks ago, reported seeing him with them. Jon says it is true to an extent, but he was following Qhorin's orders. Jon asks where the garrison is, and Donal explains that they are all along the Wall reacting to wildling incursions. He sees Jon's wound was caused by a wildling arrow and helps him walk to Maester Aemon. Jon tells Donal of Styr's raiders and asks how many are left at Castle Black. Only forty or so are there, crippled and infirm men and trainees commanded by the old and feeble-minded Ser Wynton Stout, who has been a ranger for eighty years. They arrive at the maester's chambers, and Clydas goes to fetch him. Jon lies down, and soon Maester Aemon returns to tend to him. Maester Aemon tells Jon of the mutiny.1 Only a dozen men returned out of the two hundred who left Castle Black, including Edd, Giant, and Grenn. Bowen is acting Lord Commander until there is a choosing. Jon keeps talking about what he learned and saw with the wildlings as Maester Aemon works, but he is delirious and ends up admitting that he broke his vows with Ygritte. Soon, he passes out. When he wakes up, Pyp and Grenn are with him. They tell him a few more of those who returned, Dywen, Donnel, Ulmer, Left Hand Lew, and Garth Greyfeather.2 Jon asks after Sam, and Grenn explains how he would not come. Maester Aemon comes and tells him about Winterfell, Bran, and Rickon. Grenn gives him something to help him sleep.



Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.


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