Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 59.
Tyrion meets Shae in secret and has sex with her. Afterwards he ponders what to do with her.
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Tyrion awakes next to Sansa and gets dressed. Sansa still refuses to accept him. When she learned of Robb's death, she waited until she was alone to show her grief. Tyrion has managed to keep the more gruesome details from her, such that Catelyn was thrown into the river naked in a mockery of Tully burial customs and that Robb's head was chopped off and replaced by the head of Grey Wind. His quarters are now in spacious apartments atop the Kitchen Keep that had belonged to Lord Gyles before Tyrion convinced Tywin that he required more suitable accommodation now that he was married. He has also hired more servants, including a woman named Brella who had run Lord Renly's household in the city. He goes to the storeroom where the Targaryen dragon skulls are kept and meets Shae. They have sex. Shae is now serving as a maid to Sansa, giving Tyrion an excuse to keep her close to him. Varys was reluctant to make the arrangement because it makes it more difficult to hide her background and expressed his confusion as to what quality Shae possesses that would make a clever man like Tyrion lose all his wits. Tyrion reflects on the risks he is taking. He thinks it is time to send her away to Chataya's brothel or marry her to Bronn or even Ser Tallad, who has shown an interest in her. As they prepare to leave each other for the day, the sun begins to rise on the first day of the new century.



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