Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 68.
Jaime presides over his first meeting of the Kingsguard as Lord Commander.
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Jaime peruses the White Book as he waits for the rest of the Kingsguard to arrive. He feels a stranger to his own family now and thinks himself unworthy to follow such distinguished Lord Commanders as Barristan the Bold, Ser Gerold Hightower, Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, Ser Ryam Redwyne, the Demon of Darry, Ser Duncan the Tall, and Alyn Connington, the Pale Griffin. He reads the bio of Ser Barristan. The firstborn son of Ser Lyonel Selmy, Barristan squired for Ser Manfred Swann and was named "the Bold" in his tenth year when he competed as a mystery knight at Blackhaven and was unmasked by Prince Duncan Targaryen. Knighted by Aegon V Targaryen in his sixteenth year after entering another tournament and unhorsing both Prince Duncan and Ser Duncan the Tall, he slew the last Blackfyre pretender, Maelys the Monstrous in single combat during the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Named to the Kingsguard at twenty-three, he rode against the Kingswood Brotherhood, rescuing Lady Jeyne Swann and her septa from the outlaws and slaying Ser Simon Toyne; rescued King Aerys II Targaryen during the Defiance of Duskendale despite taking an arrow wound to the chest while avenging the death of fellow Kingsguard Ser Gwayne Gaunt, and led the assault on Old Wyk during Greyjoy's Rebellion. Jaime also looks at his own, much smaller, entry, which states, among other things, that he rode against the Kingswood Brotherhood as squire to Lord Sumner Crakehall when he was fifteen and was knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne for valor in the field. He recalls that he saved Lord Summer's life that day when Big Belly Ben was about to bash his head in and also stood toe-to-toe with the Smiling Knight, though it was Ser Arthur that killed him. Ever the gallant knight, Ser Arthur had allowed the Smiling Knight to fetch a new sword at one point because his was so full of notches.

When the rest of the Kingsguard finally arrive, Ser Boros and Ser Meryn take seats to his right, while Ser Osmund, Ser Balon, and Ser Loras sit to his left. Jaime berates them for letting Joffrey die and asks them if Tyrion killed him. Ser Meryn and Ser Boros are sure he did, while Ser Balon is not so sure and Ser Loras thinks it was Sansa. Jaime tells the assembled that Tommen will be king and that he intends to make sure the boy lives to a ripe old age. Jaime assigns Ser Boros to taste Tommen's food henceforth and insults the man when he balks. Ser Boros finally relents when Jaime challenges him to a sword fight, before leaving in disgust. Jaime is glad Boros did not take him up on the offer, as in his state Boros could have won easily. He next turns to Osmund to learn more about the man and is disquieted to learn he is merely a sellsword who fought with a company called the Gallant Men in the Stepstones and Disputed Lands. He may not even be a knight, as his story of being knighted on the battlefield by a Ser Robert Stone appears dubious. Jaime dismisses him and focuses on Ser Meryn. He chastises the knight for beating Sansa at Joffrey's order and tells him that from now on he will obey only Tywin, Cersei, and Jaime; part of protecting the king is protecting him from himself. After dismissing Meryn he turns to Balon. He welcomes Balon, but worries that his brother, Ser Donnel, fought for Renly and Stannis, while his father1 did not call his banners and remained at his seat at Stonehelm. Ser Balon explains that his father is past forty and done with fighting, while his brother was captured by Ser Elwood Harte at the Blackwater and swore fealty to the crown with all the others. Though Ser Donnel is Tommen's man now, however, Jaime wonders what Balon will do if that changes. Balon assures Jaime he will do his duty.

Finally, Jaime turns to Loras. As they begin to banter, Jaime realizes that Loras is just like him at that age. He asks Loras who wore Renly's armor in the fight against Stannis2 and learns it was Ser Garlan at Lord Petyr's suggestion. He asks after Renly's remains next, and learns that Loras buried the man himself in a secret place. Finally, he turns the conversation to Brienne. Loras still thinks she is guilty but has his doubts. Renly's gorget was cut through, which no man could have done. Furthermore, it made no sense to armor him and only then slit his throat. Jaime tells him to question Brienne. If he is still convinced she did it, Jaime will punish her for it; otherwise, Loras must let her go free.


Active Characters

  1. Loras Tyrell - He has brown eyes.


  1. Kingsguard - The history of the Kingsguard is recorded in The Book of the Brothers, more commonly called the White Book. The Lord Commander is responsible for keeping the entries up to date.


  1. The Red Keep - The home of the Kingsguard is the White Sword Tower, a four story tower overlooking Blackwater Bay. The first floor contains their meeting room and storage areas, the second and third contain the sleeping cells of the Kingsguard, and the fourth floor contains the Lord Commander's apartments.
  2. The White Sword Tower - The home of the Kingsguard is the White Sword Tower, a four story tower overlooking Blackwater Bay. The first floor contains their meeting room and storage areas, the second and third contain the sleeping cells of the Kingsguard, and the fourth floor contains the Lord Commander's apartments.


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