Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 70.
Lord Janos Slynt arrives at Castle Black and declares Jon a traitor.
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Owen wakes Jon for another day of combat. The attacks have been constant over the last few days, as has the noise of Mance constructing some new siege engine. All the men sleep on the Wall now, as the winch takes too long. Only Maester Aemon, Ser Wynton, and a few others either old or ill remain at Castle Black. As he emerges from his shed, wildling archers with rolling mantlets approach the Wall. They launch arrows in this fashion every morning,and three days ago one of them took Red Alyn in the leg, after which he fell off the Wall. Jon uses a telescope to scan the wildling encampment. Mance is not in sight, but he sees Val and Dalla outside Mance's tent. He also sees the turtle Mance is building, a wooden frame on wheels covered with hides that will be used to assault the Wall. Jon has planned a counter, and asks Grenn if the barrels were filled. He says they are ready, and Jon sends him off to rest. Jon sees Tormund examining the turtle and Varamyr walking in the woods.

The sound of the winch announces Hobb arriving with the morning meal, but Jon has no appetite. Things are not going well. The Watch is almost out of oil and arrows, and the pitch is completely gone. A raven came from Ser Denys at the Shadow Tower reporting that Bowen met three hundred wildlings led by the Weeper in battle. They were victorious, but losses were heavy. Ser Endrew Tarth and Ser Aladale Wynch were killed, and Bowen himself seriously injured. He is being tended by Maester Mullin, but will not be well enough to return to Castle Black for some time. Jon sent Zei to Mole's Town when he got the news to plead with the villagers to help. She never returned, and when Jon sent Mully after her, they discovered that the whole town has been abandoned. Jon makes himself eat, and Hareth announces that the turtle is coming forward. Kegs sounds his horn and the men of the Watch, including Pyp, Satin, Owen, Tim Tangletongue, Mully, and Spare Boot, prepare for another fight.

Jon orders the men to open fire as the turtle approaches, but neither fire arrows, nor catapults, nor scorpions can harm it. Jon prepares to drop his barrels, filled with gravel and ice, on the advancing turtle. Four barrels leave the turtle a wreck, and the wildlings withdraw. Exhausted, Jon leaves Pyp in charge and goes below. He sleeps in his cell and awakens to see four strange men standing over him. They are men of the Watch, and they take him to the Lord Commander's solar. Maester Aemon is there, as are Septon Cellador and Ser Wynton. The others are unfamiliar to him save Ser Alliser. The men must be reinforcements from Eastwatch. Their leader is Janos Slynt, who accuses Jon of oathbreaking with Ser Alliser egging him on. Jon explains Qhorin's orders and admits to sleeping with and caring for Ygritte. Janos has one of his men, Ser Glendon Hewett, bring forth Rattleshirt. He describes how Jon killed Qhorin. Janos considers Jon a traitor, despite Maester Aemon's words on his behalf, and orders him hanged.


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