Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 72.
Daenerys banishes Ser Jorah and decides to remain in Meereen for a time and rule.
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Daenerys gazes over Meereen from the top of the Great Pyramid. She has court soon, so Irri, Jhiqui, and Missandei bathe her and dress her. Daenerys took the city in the night. She had siege engines constructed by dismantling Balerion, Meraxes, and Vhagar. At the height of the assault, the men she sent through the sewers freed the slaves, and the city fell. She staked out one hundred sixty-three of the slave masters in the same manner as the children on the road to Yunkai as vengeance for that atrocity. Daenerys descends to her audience chamber, where Aggo, Jhogo, Rakharo, Grey Worm, Ben, and Daario await. They report the city is calm. After the initial looting, Daenerys decreed that murderers would be hanged, thieves lose a hand, and rapists their manhood. This seems to have kept the city quiet for the moment. There are flies everywhere, and Daenerys orders the bodies cleared away. She has second thoughts about her punishment, but still believes it was just. Missandei tells her that the Ghiscari inter their dead in crypts below their manses and suggests she returns the bones to their families. Daenerys agrees it will be done. Daario tells her two men request an audience. They arrived last night on the Indigo Star out of Qarth. The first is a pale, ferret-faced man named Ghael, who speaks for King Cleon of Astapor. Ghael explains that the council Daenerys left in the city betrayed her trust and Cleon executed them to rule as king. Missandei tells Daenerys that Cleon was a butcher in service to Grazdan mo Ullhor. Cleon offers an alliance with Daenerys against Yunkai. Ghael says that Yunkai is training new armies and has sent envoys to New Ghis, Volantis, and even Vaes Dothrak. He offers to seal the alliance by marrying Daenerys. She says she will consider it and sends him away. The captain of the Indigo Star tells her that the people of Astapor are starving and lawlessness is rampant. King Cleon has seized the noble children of the city to train new Unsullied. The captain is there for slaves. Daenerys says none are for sale, but Daario tells her that many people are down at the docks begging to be sold, as they will have higher status in the free cities as tutors, scribes, bed slaves, healers, and priests. Daenerys declares that anyone who wants to sell themselves into slavery can, but no child will be sold and no husband will sell his wife. Missandei tells Daenerys that the masters of Astapor always took a tenth of the price, and Daenerys says she will do the same. Daario says the Stormcrows will collect the price.

Belwas brings Barristan and Jorah before Daenerys at her command. Barristan has shaved his beard and looks ten years younger. On the night Meereen fell, she sent two hundred men to burn the ships in the harbor as a diversion so that they and Belwas could lead twenty picked men through the sewers to release the fighting slaves and win the city. She asks Barristan why he served Robert, and he explains that he was pardoned and Viserys was too young to rule and already showing signs of madness. He tells Daenerys that Aerys was mad, something she always assumed was a lie spread by Robert. Barristan hid his identity from Daenerys so he could observe her and find if she were mad too. This offends Daenerys at first, but Barristan explains that madness has always been a problem for the Targaryen dynasty and recounts how King Jaehaerys II once told him that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin and that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin while the world holds its breath. When Daenerys realizes that Barristan knew her grandfather, she sees that he can tell her more of her family's history and identity than any other man close to her and accepts him into her service.

Daenerys turns her attention to Ser Jorah, who remains insolent and unapologetic for his actions. He swears he was always loyal and protected her, yet he sent his last report as late as Qarth. She is angry that he told Varys of her child. He counters that he saved her from the poisoner. Daenerys asks how he knew, and he explains that Varys sent a warning and said he only wanted her watched, not harmed. Jorah says he must be forgiven, but Daenerys says she cannot do so. Reluctantly, she banishes Jorah from the city and her side. Daario offers to kill him after he is dragged out by Belwas, but Daenerys says to let him be. Daenerys tries to read for awhile, but is too distracted by what she has just done. She goes out to the terrace, where Rhaegal and Drogon are resting. She spots Viserion in the distance, hunting. Her dragons are growing bolder every day. Ser Barristan approaches and wonders if she has questions for him. She asks if Aerys was truly mad, and Barristan replies that he was. He was generous and charming, which endeared many to him, but as his reign progressed, he lapsed into madness more and more. Daenerys does not want to hear more at the moment, and he leaves. That night, Daenerys has trouble sleeping as she thinks of those who betrayed her. The next morning, she announces to her captains that her dragons need time to grow and she needs to learn how to do more than conquer a city and move on, so she will stay in Meereen for a time and rule as queen.


  1. Naath - The people of Naath are peaceful, making music instead of war and not even killing animals. They worship the Lord of Harmony. They believe he sends butterfly spirits that protect them.


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