Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 73.
Jaime charges Brienne to find Sansa Stark and take her someplace safe.
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Jaime watches as Ser Kevan gives Tommen documents to sign, including bills of attainder against Ser Edmure and Ser Brynden for rebellion, a decree granting Riverrun to Ser Emmon, a decree legitimizing Ramsay Snow, a decree naming Lord Roose Warden of the North, a decree raising Ser Rolph Spicer to Lord of Castamere, and royal pardons for Lord Gawen Westerling, Lady Sybell, Jeyne, Lord Jonos Bracken, Lord Karyl Vance, Lord Lymond Goodbrook, and Lord William Mooton. Jaime is distressed because Ser Addam completely routed him in a sparring match, and it is obvious that he has lost all of his fighting skill. Jaime prepares to take his leave. Ser Kevan tells him he should see Tywin, but Jaime says the rift between them is of Tywin's doing and that hollow gifts will not sway him. Ser Meryn is guarding the door as Jaime leaves. Out in the yard, Walton is forming up his men. They are leaving with a girl posing as Arya Stark.1 Nage raises the peace banner, and the party rides off. Jaime notices the dark spot marking where Gregor killed the boy during the trial by combat and thinks of Gregor, whose wounds have mortified. Pycelle has said he was poisoned and will die if he does not learn what poison was used. Tywin wants him healed so he can be executed to placate Doran. He is worried because Stannis has disappeared from Dragonstone and may be making for Dorne to ally with Doran.2

Jaime returns to his apartments and finds Cersei waiting for him. She is there to have him plead with Tywin not to send her away. She is to go back to Casterly Rock, and Tommen is to marry Margaery. Jaime brings up the assassination attempt on Bran and asks if Cersei did the deed, which she denies. She mentions that Robert, drunk, said in front of her and the children that Bran should just be killed for mercy, and Jaime realizes Joffrey did it to impress Robert. Cersei pleads with Jaime again not to let Tywin take Tommen from her, and he says he cannot do anything. Cersei says Tywin may listen if he leaves the Kingsguard, but he refuses. He says again that they should acknowledge their relationship publicly, and Cersei says they cannot. Cersei tries to have sex with him, but Jaime rebuffs her. Cersei becomes furious, mocks him, and leaves. Jaime goes downstairs and tells Ser Boros to have Ser Loras bring "her." Several hours later, Ser Loras arrives with Brienne. Loras now believes that Stannis may have killed Renly. Jaime gives Brienne the Valyrian steel sword his father gifted to him and tells her to find Sansa and take her someplace safe. The sword was one of two Tywin had made from Ice.3 Jaime says it must be named Oathkeeper. Brienne agrees to find Sansa. When she leaves, Jaime writes in the White Book of his defeat, capture, and maiming.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - This is probably Jeyne Poole. See the FAQ for more.
  • 2 - This footnote contains details from a later chapter (ASOS 74). Click to show.
  • 3 - The other being Widow's Wail, which was presented to Joffrey.


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