Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 75.
Sandor gets in a fight with some of Gregor's men at an inn and is seriously wounded. Arya leaves him in the woods and takes passage with a Braavosi ship at Saltpans using the coin Jaqen gave her.
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Arya and Sandor stop at an inn, where Sandor means to get some wine. Arya considers running when Sandor goes inside, but takes Stranger and Craven to the stables instead. When she goes inside, she recognizes Polliver and the Tickler. A squire is with them as well,1 and he mocks Sandor despite the Tickler's attempts to silence him. Polliver tells Sandor the news, including Tyrion's marriage, Joffrey's death, and the taking of Harrenhal. Save for a cook who opened the postern gate and a couple of wenches, everyone at Harrenhal was put to the sword. Riverrun is under siege, and Lord Walder has threatened to hang Edmure if Ser Brynden does not yield. Only the Blackwoods are still holding out elsewhere, and the Brackens are fighting them around Raventree.

Sandor asks if there are ships at Saltpans, and Polliver says all he knows is that the traders have returned to Maidenpool since Randyll Tarly took the town and locked Lord William Mooton in a tower cell. The Tickler says Gregor would prefer that Sandor stayed around, and when Sandor returns an insult, the Tickler sends a knife at his throat. Polliver draws his sword, and he and Sandor fight. The squire draws too, but Arya knocks him down by throwing her wine cup Sandor is drunk and not holding his own very well, and the Tickler moves in behind him. Arya can see he is losing and prepares to intervene when the squire wrenches her around. Arya takes his knife from its sheath and stabs him in the belly. Polliver and the Tickler back Sandor into a corner and try to make him yield, but Sandor kicks a bench at Polliver and takes half the man's head off while he is distracted. The Tickler backs away in fear. Arya sneaks up behind him and stabs him over and over again in a rage until Sandor stops her. The squire is still alive but mortally wounded. Sandor tells Arya to give him mercy, and Arya draws Needle, which Polliver was carrying, and does so. Sandor, seriously wounded, says Gregor must hold the ford and that they will make for Saltpans and find a ship to the Vale. Sandor needs help mounting Stranger. They go into the wilderness and halt when they reach the Trident. Sandor has Arya pour boiling wine over his wounds and passes out from the pain.

The next day, Sandor is weak and has to stop at noon. He falls out of the saddle and barely has enough strength to drag himself to a tree. He falls into a fevered sleep, and Arya draws Needle, intending to kill him. Sandor wakes up and tells her to give him mercy, trying to anger her into doing so. Arya decides he does not deserve mercy and leaves him to die. Six days later, she arrives at Saltpans. The town has been burned out, but there are three boats in port. Two are only riverboats, but the third is seaworthy. Arya realizes she needs silver and sells Craven. She heads to the ship in the port and asks the captain for passage to the Wall. The captain2 says she does not have enough and that he is sailing for home anyway. Arya asks the name of the ship, and he replies it is the Titan's Daughter out of Braavos. Arya pulls out the coin Jaqen gave her and tells the captain "valar morghulis". The captain responds with the words "valar dohaeris" and tells Arya she will have a cabin.


Active Characters

  1. Polliver - He is tall and balding with a black spade-shaped beard.


  1. Saltpans - A town on the Bay of Crabs. It is dominated by a small castle consisting of a tall square keep with a bailey and a curtain wall.


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