Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 78.
Jaime and Varys break Tyrion out of his cell. Tyrion kills Shae and Tywin on his way out of the castle.
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Tyrion hears noises outside his cell and believes his time has come. The door opens, and it is Jaime there to rescue him. As they leave the cell, Jaime tells him Varys drugged the guards and is waiting to take him out of the city through the sewers and to a rendezvous with a galley. Jaime says he is rescuing him because of a debt he owes. Tyrion presses him, and he admits that Tysha was not a whore; Tywin made Jaime tell the lie because Tyrion needed a sharp lesson. Jaime swears he did not know Tywin would give her to the guards, but Tyrion is too furious to believe him. He swears revenge on Jaime, Cersei, and Tywin and says he will find Varys himself. Jaime asks if Tyrion killed Joffrey, and he reveals that Cersei was sleeping with Lancel and Osmund and also claims to have killed Joffrey. Jaime walks away. Tyrion thinks to call after him and take back what he said, but he thinks of Tysha once more and keeps quiet. Tyrion finds Varys, who leads him down pitch black passages until they are in a dimly lit hallway with a dragon mosaic on the floor. Tyrion recognizes it as the place Shae described to him once,1 and Varys confirms they are beneath the Tower of the Hand. Tyrion asks how to get to the bedchamber, and Varys tells him while protesting there is no time. Tyrion begins to climb the ladder up the tower. At the top, he can hear two of his father's guards, Lester and Lum, talking about Tyrion's impending execution. He enters the bedchamber through a secret door in the fireplace and hears Shae's voice. He finds her in his father's bed with the chain of office around her neck. Tyrion strangles her and then takes a crossbow off the wall. He goes to the privy tower, where he finds Tywin. Tywin appears unconcerned and tells Tyrion he still means to sends him to the Wall. Tyrion has just one question: what did Tywin do with Tysha. Tywin says he did not kill her and that the steward probably sent her on her way. Tyrion shoots him with the crossbow. Tywin's bowels loosen as he dies, and the stench proves that Tywin Lannister did not, in fact, shit gold.



  1. The Red Keep - Four levels of dungeon were built below the Red Keep at the order of Maegor the Cruel. The first level is full of large cells for common criminals to be housed together. The second level has smaller cells for highborn prisoners. The third level contains the black cells. The lowest level is for prisoners that are to be tortured and never see light again.


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