Tower of the Hand

Book 3, Chapter 80.
Jon is elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.
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Jon trains with Iron Emmett. He did not sleep the night before as he mulled Stannis' offer and is doing poorly. A particularly hard blow to the head makes him remember once when he and Robb were sparring. They would always announce they were heroes out of stories when they fought. One time, Jon declared he was the Lord of Winterfell, and Robb answered that his mother told him Jon could never be the lord because he was bastard born. The thought gives him renewed fury, and Halder and Hareth have to pull him off Emmett. He stalks off and goes to the bathhouse. He is agonizing over the decision of whether to accept Stannis' offer. He keeps thinking of Catelyn and how she always made sure he felt Winterfell was not his place. Jon hears Ser Alliser and Bowen trying to convince Othell to support Janos. Bowen has the letter Tywin sent stating he wants Lord Janos as the commander of the Watch.1 Jon walks out and does not stop until he passes through to the other side of the Wall. He realizes that he has always wanted Winterfell, hungered for it. Suddenly, his thoughts become more savage, and he realizes they are Ghost's thoughts. Ghost comes out of the woods and bounds towards him. He realizes that Ghost is a creature of the old gods and white as snow. He knows he cannot accept Stannis's offer.

Jon sees Melisandre and Stannis emerge to tend the nightfire, and he goes wide to avoid them. As he walks back inside, he spots Val in her tower window and laments that it is not him who will steal her away. Jon enters the hall, which is in pandemonium. Janos is shouting about turncloaks, Emmett has his sword drawn, Hobb is in a shouting match with a man from the Shadow Tower, and an Eastwatch man is trying to restore order without success. Pyp whistles to silence the hall. Maester Aemon informs Jon that his name has been put forward for Lord Commander. Jon asks who did so and looks to Pyp and Grenn, but Edd announces it was him who did so. Janos says they should hang Jon, but Cotter and Ser Denys speak up that his name was properly put forth. Ser Alliser says they should just vote, but that Othell has something to say first. He withdraws his name. He says he was going to endorse Lord Janos, but now says Jon may be a better choice. The men start chanting for the kettle, and Sam and Clydas bring it forward. As Clydas opens the lid, a large raven flies out. Sam says it is Lord Commander Mormont's raven as it lands next to Jon and says "snow" several times. Ser Alliser says it is a trick and that Sam taught many ravens to say "snow" and Mormont's raven knew more words. The raven proceeds to ask for corn, settle on Jon's shoulder, and call for the kettle. Jon is elected by an overwhelming margin. Afterwards, over fifty men press around him congratulating or kneeling, including Satin, Owen, Halder, Todder, Spare Boot, Giant, Mully, Ulmer, Donnel, Dywen, Emmett, and Hobb. Bowen expresses support as well, but Cotter and Denys are more cautious and reserved. Jon walks down the hall with Pyp, Grenn, and Sam trailing behind him. Pyp and Grenn are amazed at what Sam accomplished and wonder how he got the raven in the kettle. Sam insists he had nothing to do with it. Jon prepares to face Stannis.


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