Tower of the Hand

Book 4, Chapter 24.
The Lords Declarant come to the Eyrie demanding that Petyr hand over Robert. Petyr gets them to agree to let him have one year to set the Vale aright.
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Sansa awakes with the rising sun. Gretchel fetches her robe and gets a fire going while Sansa goes out to her balcony to look over the Vale. As she looks down over the approach to the Giant's Lance, she can see the host of the Lords Declarant camped outside the Gates of the Moon. They are six thousand strong, one thousand from each of the lords. They are Lord Benedar Belmore, Ser Symond Templeton, Lord Horton Redfort, Lady Anya Waynwood, Lord Gilwood Hunter, and their leader, Lord Yohn Royce. After Lysa died, they met at Runestone and made a pact to defend Lord Robert, the Vale, and each other and made it their goal to rescue Robert from the "misrule" of "false friends and evil counselors." Sansa goes back inside to dress. Petyr has given her Lysa's entire wardrobe, and while most are too big, some of the oldest fit her. Sansa joins Lord Robert, who is at breakfast. He is annoyed because he wanted eggs but received only porridge; the Lords Declarant have refused to let any food up. Robert is grumpy because he did not sleep last night; he claims he heard Marillion singing again, but Sansa assures him the singer is dead. Lord Petyr arrives with Maester Colemon and informs Robert that his lords are coming to see him. Lord Nestor is showing up the six lords, and Ser Lyn Corbray is coming with them as well. Sansa is not pleased that Ser Lyn is coming, as he has a fearsome reputation for the many men he has killed in battles and duels. He won his knighthood during Robert's Rebellion, where he first fought against Lord Jon before Gulltown and later fought under Robert's banners on the Trident, where he slew Prince Lewyn Martell. Robert does not want Ser Lyn there either, but Petyr reminds him that he is the ruler until Robert's sixteenth birthday and orders Mela to fetch Robert another spoon for his porridge. Robert throws his porridge bowl at Petyr instead, which hits Maester Colemon, and has a shaking spell. Maester Colemon tells Petyr that the spells have gotten more frequent and more violent since Lysa died. He says that he bleeds the boy as often as he can and uses dreamwine to make the boy sleep, but it is not enough. He says that Lysa would nurse him when the shaking became especially bad, as breastmilk is supposed to have healthful properties, but Petyr is disgusted at the thought of continuing to breastfeed the boy and suggests using a pinch of sweet sleep in Robert's milk to calm him. Colemon is worried about that course, but Petyr insists, and the maester hurries out to prepare Robert for his meeting with the Lords Declarant. Petyr asks for a kiss from Sansa, who gives him a dutiful peck on the cheek. Afterwards, he tells her she will attend the lords as they talk and that she had best change into a different dress, as the one she sports now features Tully colors. Sansa is afraid that Lord Yohn will recognize her, as she saw him at Winterfell when he was bringing his son, Waymar, north to the wall and again at the Hand's tournament in King's Landing, but Petyr says she looks different now and that Yohn will see only what he expects to see. Sansa thinks Petyr should just give the Lords Declarant Robert since they already control the Vale. Petyr counters that he does have some friends, Lord Gerold Grafton of Gulltown, Lord Jon Lynderly, and Lord Lyonel Corbray among them, but admits he does not have power to counter the Lords Declarant. He says they have no place to go, and dismisses Harrenhal when Sansa brings it up. The only use Harrenhal had for him was that it was a great enough seat that he could marry Lysa. Petyr tells Sansa to be about her duties.

Sansa prepares the refreshments and the room and changes into a far more modest dress and then receives the Lords Declarant. She escorts them to the solar, where Ser Lothor awaits to admit them. After they are seated, Petyr addresses them. He praises their declaration and asks to be allowed to sign as well, as he would like to root out the false friends and evil counselors and defend Robert as well. The lords are not amused and tell Petyr they want him gone. They plan to take Robert to Runestone, where he can be raised by Yohn, instructed and cared for by members of his household such as Maester Helliweg, Strong Sam Stone, and Septon Lucos, and be surrounded by boys his own age. Petyr says that he means to find Robert more suitable companions, and that Lord Gerold and Lord Jon are each sending a son about Robert's age. He also asks Lady Anya if she will send Harrold Hardyng, which amuses her greatly. The lords insist he leave once again and that he has no right to be there. He says that Lysa named him Lord Protector of the Vale and ward of her son, and Lord Nestor speaks up that Lysa had every right to decide who would care for her own son. The lords are not appeased and repeat their demands for Robert, and the negotiations have reached an impasse. At this point, Lyn draws Lady Forlorn and says they should settle it with steel, a duel between him and Petyr. The other Lords Declarant are outraged and put a stop to the challenge, causing Lyn to walk out. Petyr is furious and threatens the lords for the act and says that if they want war, he will fight. He proposes that he be given a year to set the Vale aright. Lord Horton and Lady Anya agree first, and soon all acquiesce save Yohn, who hates the idea but has no other choice and departs in anger. That evening, there is a feast hosted by Robert and attended by all save Lyn and Yohn, who have already left. That night, Sansa cannot sleep and goes to Petyr's room to ask what happens in a year. Petyr is confident that he will be in control, as Horton and Anya are old, Gilwood will probably be murdered by his brother, Harlan, who was the one that killed Lord Eon, Benedar can be bought, Symond can be befriended, and Yohn is not a threat if he stands alone. Sansa asks about Ser Lyn, and Petyr replies that he will remain Petyr's implacable enemy. Sansa realizes that Lyn has been working for Petyr all along.


Active Characters

  1. Anya Waynwood - She has crow's feet around her eyes and her hair is greying.
  2. Benedar Belmore - He is immensely fat with a ginger-grey beard.
  3. Gilwood Hunter - He is in his forties and has red cheeks and nose and a bushy mustache.
  4. Horton Redfort - He is short with a neat grey beard.
  5. Lyn Corbray - He has shoudler-length brown hair.
  6. Symond Templeton - He has a beak of a nose, icy blue eyes, and a sharply pointed black beard.
  7. Yohn Royce - He has a lined face, grey hair, and slate-grey eyes set beneath bushy eyebrows.


Active Houses

  1. House Corbray of Heart's Home - House Corbray was originally opposed to Robert's Rebellion and fought against Lord Jon Arryn at Gulltown. They joined the rebellion after Jon took the city.


  1. The Eyrie - The Eyrie has seven towers, of which the Maiden's Tower is the easternmost.


  1. Robert's Rebellion - When Jon Arryn first called his banners against Aerys II, not all of his lords supported the move. The lord of Gulltown closed his gates to Lord Jon, who was forced to assault and take the city. At the Trident, Lord Corbray fell wounded. While his eldest son, Lyonel took him to the rear, his middle son, Lyn, picked up his father's sword, Lady Forlorn, slew the man who wounded his father, led a charge against the Dornishmen threatening Robert's left, and slew Prince Lewyn Martell. Lord Corbray succumbed to his wounds, but before he did, he grated Lady Forlorn to Lyn instead of Lyonel for his valor.