Tower of the Hand

Book 4, Chapter 27.
Sam, now in Braavos, searches for news about dragons for a dying Maester Aemon.
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Sam looks out across the roofs of Braavos as the sun sets. Dareon was supposed to be back already and is probably drunk again. Gilly peeks out from behind her wild, unkempt hair and says that Dareon prefers to stay where there is wine and smiles. Dareon spends all his time with the bravos and courtesans now and is trying to write a song about a courtesan called the Moonshadow who rewarded his singing with a kiss. At times, he plays in the room and wakes the baby, storming out afterwards in anger and not returning for days at a time. The Titan sounds nightfall, waking the baby, which in turn wakes Maester Aemon. The maester's wits have been wandering more and more of late, and it takes him a moment to remember where he is. He is very sick. Sam used the last of their coin on a healer who gave him some dreamwine and said nothing could be done for him. Maester Aemon wants to go down to the ships to learn about the dragons, but Sam says he is too weak. This is not the first time they have had that argument. Aemon refuses to eat or drink anymore dreamwine, but he takes some water. He brings up the docks again, and tells Sam to go in his stead to find someone who has seen dragons. Dareon brought back the tale one night from the alehouses, but he was drunk and could not remember the details. Sam thinks he probably just made it up, but Aemon is convinced there is truth to the story. Sam says he would not know where to begin and that Aemon can go when he is stronger. Aemon points out that he will never get stronger, nor see Oldtown again. he says he has been kept alive for a purpose; he still remembers dragons. The last ones died before he was born, but he dreams of them just as his brothers once did. He says they are nearing an era of prophecy, of wonder and terror. He realizes he should have stayed at the Wall, because the cold was preserving him, but it is too late now, and he needs Sam to learn of the dragons. Sam goes out into the night and checks many of the inns near Ragman's harbor, including the Inn of the Green Eel, the Black Bargeman, the Foghouse, the Outcast Inn, and the House of Seven Lamps. Outside a brothel called Cattery's, he bumps into two men, bravos named Terro and Orbelo. Terro speaks to him in Braavosi. The other translates the insult into the Common Tongue. They think he is dressing above his station, as lords in Braavos wear somber colors such as black. A girl joins the conversation and tells them he is of the Night's Watch and that another member of the Watch is singing to the Sailor's Wife at the Happy Port. Arya gets the bravos to leave and offers Sam the last of her clams. She asks what he is doing there, and he explains that they are bound for Oldtown. Sam asks who she is, and she responds her name is Cat and gives her fake back story. She asks what ship they are sailing on, and Sam tells her it is the Lady Ushanora. This confuses Arya, as that ship sailed days ago. Sam was able to convince him to wait for Maester Aemon to recover his strength for three days, but after that he sailed without them and kept their coin. Arya repeats that Dareon is at the Happy Port about to "marry" the Sailor's Wife, a whore who only beds those who marry her. Sam takes off for the brothel. When he arrives, a one-eyed whore named Yna accosts him until Dareon calls her off. Dareon is drunk and has already "married" the Sailor's Wife, though the marriage lasts only the night. Sam asks Dareon to help him find out about dragons, but he refuses to do it until the morrow. Sam says they are brothers, and Dareon takes his cloak off of the Sailor's Wife's shoulders and throws it at Sam, saying he is through with the Watch. Sam hits him and then tackles and pummels him. Someone pulls him off Dareon, so he hits that man too and ends up tossed in the canal. He sinks to the bottom and nearly drowns, but a Summer Islander named Xhondo who had been in the brothel pulls him out. He is mate on the Cinnamon Wind, and he has seen the dragons.


Active Characters

  1. Dareon - He has blond hair.


  1. Braavos - The two main harbors of Braavos are the Purple Harbor, where the Braavosi ships dock, and Ragman's Harbor, where the ships from other lands dock.