Tower of the Hand

Book 4, Chapter 34.
Jaime arrives at Riverrun and consults with Ser Daven and Lady Genna.
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Trumpets pierce the air at dusk, and Josmyn automatically goes for Jaime's swordbelt. Jaime assures him that outlaws would not blow trumpets and that Ser Daven Lannister, Warden of the West, must have arrived. Jaime comes out of his tent to greet him and leads him into the tent, where Garret has lit the braziers, Lew takes Daven's cloak and Pia prepares some wine. Jaime asks what to expect at Riverrun. Daven reports that the siege is dragging on with neither side engaging the other in combat. Daven is particularly irritated by the Frey contingent. Ser Ryman is usually drunk, his son Edwyn is full of hate, and Lord Emmon keeps trying to tell him how to run the siege and to avoid damaging Riverrun since it is now his seat. He is fed up with Walder Rivers as well, but Ser Perwyn is amiable enough. Daven is to marry a Frey by an agreement made by Lord Tywin. Jaime tells him that Lancel dissolved his marriage and left Castle Darry to pledge his sword to the Faith. Daven says that Ser Kevan passed through on his way back west, and he wishes Kevan had stayed, as the Freys would not vex him so. Ryman has raised a gibbet and puts a noose around Edmure's neck every day and threatens to hang him. Ser Brynden is not swayed, so every night he is taken down again. Roslin is pregnant with Edmure's child, and Emmon wants Edmure executed immediately. Lord Gawen is with the army as well, and beseeches him to make sure Edmure is not hanged, as his wife and children are in the castle and he fears they will be killed in retaliation. The castle is encircled by three camps. Ser Ryman commands the Freys north of the Tumblestone, Lord Emmon is with Ser Forley and the remains of Jaime's host from the original siege as well as the Riverlords that have returned to the fold south of the Red Fork, and Daven himself is between the rivers and faces the main gates. There is also a boom across the Red Fork downstream from Riverrun to prevent resupply by water manned by Ser Manfryd Yew and Ser Raynard Ruttiger. Starving out the castle is not an option, as it is well provisioned and many of Daven's foraging parties do not return thanks to outlaws and Stark loyalists. Fires are being lit all around them every night, and many towns now light fires in worship of the Lord of Light. Jaime asks if there has been a parlay, and Daven replies that Ryman rode up to the gates once making threats, and Ser Brynden sent him on his way by putting an arrow in the rump of his horse. Jaime means to try again and offer generous terms so that he does not have to take up arms against House Tully.

Jaime goes out among the tents to mingle with the men, who have always been comfortable around him. He gives a young knight advice on how to defend against a warhammer and watches as Raff and another man hoisting half-naked washerwomen on their shoulders to joust with rolled up cloaks. Finally, he finds Ser Ilyn and goes off to train with him. Once again, it ends with Jaime bruised and humiliated. The next day, they reach the environs of Riverrun. Jaime can see the camps surrounding it. Ryman's is the biggest and most disorganized. Daven explains that he has given his men whores, cock fights, and boar baiting to keep them entertained and also has a singer. Lady Genna brought Whitesmile Wat with her from Lannisport, so Ryman had to have a singer too.1 Jaime beholds the castle, which still flies Tully and Stark banners, and thinks of the first time he went to the castle with Sumner Crakehall. Hoster had tried to interest him in Lysa, but all Jaime had cared about was talking to Brynden, who had gained renown through his service in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. They have to pass through Emmon's camp on the way to Daven's. Jaime sees the banners of Lychester, Vance, Roote, Goodbrook, Smallwood, and Piper, but is disturbed not to see any from Mallister, Bracken, Ryger, or Paege, all of which supposedly renewed their fealty. The Brackens are busy fighting the Blackwoods, but he feels the others should be there. He feels the siege must end quickly; else the others may be tempted to renew the fighting. As they reach Daven's camp, Ser Kennos sounds his horn to announce their arrival, and Ser Dermot and Ser Hugo go before Jaime carrying his standards. Jaime sees two completed siege towers and a ram, with a third tower under construction. He orders Ser Addam to inspect the perimeter defenses and sends Ser Jon with a peace banner to request a parlay.

Jaime sets up his tent, and soon his Aunt Genna comes to greet him with Ser Emmon in tow. Genna offers condolences for Tywin's death and is shocked to learn that Tyrion really did do the deed. She asks after Cleos as well, and Jaime lies that he scattered the outlaws before he died. Emmon brings up the siege engines and tells Jaime that Riverrun must not be harmed. Emmon says he means to be fair with his new vassals and is not pleased when Jaime points out that he was only granted the castle and Lord Petyr is the Lord Paramount of the Trident. Genna is disappointed that they were granted Riverrun instead of Darry, as Cleos's wife, Jeyne, is a Darry and the male line is extinguished unlike the Tully line. She thinks Kevan should have been granted Riverrun instead and laments that Tywin never consulted with her. Jaime tells her about Lancel, but she is not concerned, as Kevan can marry Martyn to Amerei and still keep the castle. She is furious with Cersei though for reviving the militant orders of the Faith. After Aegon I died, there was a large rebellion against Targaryen rule that the Faith was right in the middle of. Maegor ended up putting a bounty of one dragon on each Warrior's Son and one silver stag for each Poor Fellow. The rebellion only ended after Maegor's death when Jaehaerys agreed to pardon all those who put down their swords. Genna asks what Jaime means to do, and he says he will offer terms. She does not think that will work and thinks they should execute Edmure. She tells Jaime to do what Tywin would have done. Jaime asks if Genna loved Tywin. She tells him that she was seven when Lord Tytos betrothed her to Emmon. It was a poor match, but Tytos was his father's thirdborn son and was always looking to please his elders. He made the match just to please Lord Walder. The announcement was made before half the west. Lady Ellyn laughed and Lord Reyne stormed out of the hall angrily. No one else dared speak against the match save Tywin, a boy of ten. He was her big brother and protected her; now there is no one to protect them. Jaime says he left a son, and she replies that is what she fears most. Jaime has some of Tygett in him, some of Gerion, and even some of Kevan, but Tyrion was his only true son.


Active Characters

  1. Daven Lannister - He has a bushy mustache and thick blonde beard, a pug nose, and hazel eyes.
  2. Emmon Frey - He is sixty, small, and nearly bald. He married Genna when he was fourteen and she was about half his age.
  3. Genna Lannister - She is immensly fat.
  4. Josmyn Peckledon - He is fifteen.


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