Tower of the Hand

Book 4, Chapter 45.
Jaime oversees the transfer of Riverrun from Edmure to Emmon and rejects Cersei's plea for help.
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Ser Emmon angrily complains of treachery from Edmure to Jaime as Genna tries to calm him. Jaime is mad as well, for Brynden has escaped. Jaime asks Edmure where he is, but Edmure does not know. He acts defiant until a threat from Jaime cows him into saying that Brynden escaped by swimming through the Water Gate. The castle had yielded late the day before, and in all the confusion Jaime had not realized Brynden had escaped until the next morning. Jaime has Ser Addam and Ser Dermot hunting for him. Emmon is afraid that Brynden may try to retake the castle, but he has a garrison of two hundred, so Jaime does not think that likely. Genna drags Emmon out, and Jaime has the guards escort Edmure to his tower cell soon after. Edmure will be sent to Casterly Rock the next day with a strong escort led by Ser Forley. A guard comes to announce that Lady Sybell and Jeyne are outside as commanded. They are shown in. Jeyne's face is puffy from crying, and there is a scab on her head. Jaime asks where it came from, and Lady Sybell explains that she had to fight Jeyne to take her crown. Jeyne is furious because Robb had the crown made for her, and she truly loved him. Lady Sybell moves to slap her, but Jaime intercedes. He asks if Jeyne is with child, and Sybell replies that she made sure she did not get with child as Lord Tywin commanded. Jeyne flees from the room sobbing. Sybell also says that Tywin promised that her daughters would wed lords or heirs, which is far better than they would have done otherwise due to Lady Sybell's low ancestry. Jaime says the marriages will take place, though Jeyne must wait two years to wed so that any child of the marriage will not be thought to come from her marriage to Robb. Sybell also asks after her son Raynald. She did not know about the Red Wedding, or she would not have allowed him to go. He also had no knowledge of her understanding with Tywin. Jaime says that if he is still alive, he will see a ransom is paid. Jaime is disgusted with Lady Sybell and dismisses her with harsh words, telling her she will leave for the west with Forley and Edmure.

The next day, Jaime rides for awhile with Ser Forley and his escort of four hundred. Forley assures him that Edmure will be closely watched, and Jaime tells him to keep an eye on Jeyne as well. He rides past Lord Gawen and his family on the way back to Riverrun. Lord Gawen gives him a nod, but Sybell stares at him icily and Jeyne does not even see him. She has ripped her dress as a sign of mourning. Rather than going straight back to the castle, Jaime stops by the Frey camp to speak to Edwyn. He finds him with Ser Walder Rivers and is surprised to receive a hostile greeting from Edwyn. Ser Ryman is dead; he was hanged by outlaws along with his escort of three knights and a dozen men-at-arms. The outlaws apparently expected him, and Edwyn suspects it was arranged by Black Walder.1 Jaime tells Edwyn that Tommen requires all the prisoners taken at the Red Wedding. Jaime asks after Ser Raynald and discovers he is almost certainly dead. When Ser Whalen came for him and Grey Wind, Ser Raynald handed over his sword, but grabbed an axe when the Freys started peppering Grey Wind with arrows. He took a quarrel in the shoulder and another in the gut before throwing himself in the river. The next morning, the Freys have all left. Their siege equipment is still there. Ser Daven suggests taking it to Raventree to deal with Lord Tytos, but Jaime orders it burned, saying he has his own plan for dealing with Tytos. That night, Jaime fights with Ser Ilyn for three hours. He is getting better, but he still has little skill. Afterwards, they drink wine, and Jaime talks of Cersei. He thinks he should geld Ser Osmund for what he did, but has no idea what to do with his sister. Ser Ilyn suggests killing her, but he does not want to do that to Tommen.

The next day, Ser Dermot comes back to report no sign of Ser Brynden. He did have to contend with hundreds of wolves, however, that showed no fear of him and his men. They killed two sentries and his best bay. One of the sentries, Jate, told him before he died that they were led by a monstrous she-wolf. Jaime wonders if it could be the wolf that savaged Joffrey at the Trident.2 The next day, Ser Dermot rides out to continue the search and the Riverlords take their leave. Lord Clement asks after Marq, and Jaime assures him that all the captives at the Twins will be ransomed. Lord Karyl lingers to tell him that he must go to Raventree, as Tytos will never yield to Jonos, but he will yield to Jaime. Ser Lyle departs the next as well to return to Castle Darry and deal with outlaws as he promised. Jon Bettley goes with him. Jaime is pleased with the progress he has made in the Riverlands and decides to return to King's Landing when he has found Ser Brynden. He also decides he must get Tommen away from Cersei, replace the small council, and make sure Kevan becomes Hand. If Kevan will not come, he thinks he could offer the post to Ser Forley, Lord Roland, Lord Mathis, or even Petyr, since he is clever but has no strength of his own to make him a threat. The next day, Jaime turns loose the garrison of Riverrun after each man swears an oath not to take up arms against Lord Emmon or House Lannister. Ser Desmond and Ser Robin stay behind and ask leave to join the Night's Watch, which Jaime grants. He has a dozen of Gregor's men escort them led by Raff. Several days later, Ser Emmon assembles all his people in the yard to give a three hour speech of what he expected from them. Jaime notices the singer he took from Ryman among them and comes over to chat. They mock Ser Emmon, and Jaime asks why the singer did not leave. He says that with Whitesmile Wat gone with Ser Forley the castle has no singer and he thinks he might stay on for the winter. Jaime asks the singers name, and he replies it is Tom of Sevenstreams, before Jaime departs. That night, Jaime has a strange dream of a blond-haired woman dressed as a silent sister. She says Tywin had always dreamed that his son would be a great knight and his daughter a queen and that no one would laugh at them. When Jaime replies that his son is a knight and his daughter is a queen, a tear rolls down the woman's cheek and she walks away. He wakes shivering and sees that it is snowing; winter s almost there, and there will be no final harvest. The next morning, the snow is ankle deep. There is a knock at the door, and Josmyn answers it and shows in Maester Vyman. He has come with Qyburn's letter from Cersei telling Jaime to come defend her. Vyman asks if Jaime means to send an answer, and he replies that he would not and orders Josmyn to burn it.


Active Characters

  1. Forley Prester - He is short and spare with a pinched nose, a bald pate, and a grizzled brown beard.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - Actually, the outlaws knew because Tom was spying on Ser Ryman.
  • 2 - In fact it is, for the she-wolf is Nymeria.