Tower of the Hand

ASOIAF, Book 4.
Book Four of A Song of Ice and Fire
A Feast for Crows Cover

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AFFC 1: Prologue

Pate steals a key that opens all the doors in the Citadel for a mysterious man who then kills him.

AFFC 2: The Prophet

Aeron learns that King Balon Greyjoy is dead and calls a kingsmoot to determine his successor.

AFFC 3: The Captain Of Guards

Doran Martell meets with three of the Sand Snakes who want revenge for Oberyn's death and then orders Areo to take all the Sand Snakes into custody.

AFFC 4: Cersei I

Cersei learns that Tywin is dead.

AFFC 5: Brienne I

Brienne asks after Sansa in Rosby and encounters the hedge knights Ser Creighton and Ser Illifer on the road to Duskendale.

AFFC 6: Samwell I

Sam, Gilly, and Maester Aemon depart Castle Black for Oldtown.

AFFC 7: Arya I

Arya arrives at Braavos and is accepted as a servant of the Many-Faced God.

AFFC 8: Cersei II

Cersei attends Tywin's wake, appoints Lord Gyles master of coin, and gives Qyburn permission to experiment on Ser Gregor. Ser Kevan refuses to become Hand of the King.

AFFC 9: Jaime I

Jaime stands vigil over Tywin and reflects.

AFFC 10: Brienne II

Brienne arrives at Duskendale, decides to proceed to Maidenpool after rumors of a fool there, and is joined on the road by Podrick Payne.

AFFC 11: Sansa I

Lord Petyr receives a visit from Lord Nestor Royce and grants him and his family the Gates of the Moon in perpetuity to insure his support.

AFFC 12: The Kraken's Daughter

Asha arrives at Ten Towers on Harlaw and learns that Aeron has called a kingsmoot.

AFFC 13: Cersei III

Tommen and Margaery marry. Cersei burns the Tower of the Hand with wildfire.

AFFC 14: The Soiled Knight

Ser Arys meets Arianne Martell in secret, who convinces him to help her crown Myrcella.

AFFC 15: Brienne III

Brienne meets Dick Crabb in Maidenpool, who promises to take him to the spot to which he guided a fool.

AFFC 16: Samwell II

The Blackbird carries Sam, Gilly, Dareon and Maester Aemon towards Braavos. Sam learns that Jon made Gilly leave her son behind and take Mance's son with her instead.

AFFC 17: Jaime II

Jaime sees Tywin's funeral procession out of the city, spars with Cersei over her poor choices for the small council, and studies the history of Ser Criston Cole the Kingmaker.

AFFC 18: Cersei IV

Cersei meets with the small council and concocts a plan to have Ser Osney Kettleblack assassinate Jon Snow.

AFFC 19: The Iron Captain

Victarion arrives at Old Wyk for the kingsmoot and rejects a proposed alliance from Asha.

AFFC 20: The Drowned Man

The kingsmoot is held and Euron Greyjoy is declared King of the ironborn.

AFFC 21: Brienne IV

Dick leads Brienne to the Whispers, where she kills Shagwell, Timeon, and Pyg. Ser Hyle reveals that he was following her.

AFFC 22: The Queenmaker

Arianne and Ser Arys get Myrcella out of Sunspear to crown her queen. Areo Hotah intercepts them at the Greenblood. Arys is killed and Myrcella is maimed by Ser Gerold Dayne.

AFFC 23: Arya II

Arya is accepted as an acolyte of the Many-Faced God and begins her training, after gaining some understanding of the Braavosi tongue, she is sent out into the city to peddle shellfish for a man named Brusco.

AFFC 24: Alayne I

The Lords Declarant come to the Eyrie demanding that Petyr hand over Robert. Petyr gets them to agree to let him have one year to set the Vale aright.

AFFC 25: Cersei V

Cersei orders Ser Balman to arrange an accident for Bronn.

AFFC 26: Brienne V

Brienne returns to Maidenpool and then sets out for Saltpans with Podrick, Hyle, and Meribald to track down Sandor Clegane.

AFFC 27: Samwell III

Sam, now in Braavos, searches for news about dragons for a dying Maester Aemon.

AFFC 28: Jaime III

Jaime sets out for Riverrun, stopping at Hayford, Sow's Horn and finally Harrenhal to put the castle to rights.

AFFC 29: Cersei VI

Cersei meets with the new High Septon and agrees to restore the militant orders of the Faith in return for a blessing for Tommen and forgiveness of the crown's debt.

AFFC 30: The Reaver

Euron conquers the Shield Islands and charges Victarion to take the Iron Fleet to Slaver's Bay to secure Daenerys and her dragons.

AFFC 31: Jaime IV

Jaime arrives at Castle Darry and learns from Lancel that he did sleep with Cersei.

AFFC 32: Brienne VI

Brienne arrives at the Quiet Isle, where she learns that Arya had been with Sandor, but that the Hound is now dead.

AFFC 33: Cersei VII

Cersei learns that the ironmen have captured the Shields and grants leave to Ser Loras to storm Dragonstone so he can free the Redwyne fleet; Lady Falyse arrives reporting that Balman is dead, and Cersei gives her to Qyburn for his experiments.

AFFC 34: Jaime V

Jaime arrives at Riverrun and consults with Ser Daven and Lady Genna.

AFFC 35: Cat Of The Canals

Arya sells her clams for Brusco;at the end of the day, she kills Dareon as a deserter from the Night's Watch and then tells the Kindly Man about it;the Kindly Man gives her a glass of warm milk, and Arya wakes up blind the next day.

AFFC 36: Samwell IV

Sam presides over the funeral of Maester Aemon, after which he and Gilly have sex.

AFFC 37: Cersei VIII

Cersei learns that Dragonstone has fallen and Loras is seriously injured;she comes up with a plan to get rid of Margaery.

AFFC 38: Brienne VII

Brienne, Podrick, Meribald and Ser Hyle arrive at the Old Crossroads Inn;Brienne fights and kills Rorge when he and several others show up, but Biter knocks her down and begins eating her.

AFFC 39: Jaime VI

Jaime has an unsuccessful parlay with Ser Brynden and subsequently releases Edmure back to Riverrun with orders to yield the castle or see it completely destroyed.

AFFC 40: Cersei IX

Cersei has the Blue Bard tortured to frame Margaery for adultery and tells Osney to confess to adultery with Margaery before the High Septon.

AFFC 41: The Princess In The Tower

Arianne is brought before Prince Doran and learns that her brother, Quentyn, has gone east to court Daenerys.

AFFC 42: Alayne II

Sansa and Robert make the descent from the Eyrie to the Gates of the Moon for the winter;Petyr reveals to Sansa that he has betrothed her to Harrold Hardyng, the heir to the Vale.

AFFC 43: Brienne VIII

Brienne is brought before Lady Stoneheart to answer for her crimes and hanged;as she nears death, she screams an unknown word.

AFFC 44: Cersei X

Margaery is arrested by the Faith for treason and adultery;when Cersei comes to visit her, she is arrested too for the murder of the previous High Septon;Ser Harys and Grand Maester Pycelle take control of the realm and invite Ser Kevan to become Hand.

AFFC 45: Jaime VII

Jaime oversees the transfer of Riverrun from Edmure to Emmon and rejects Cersei's plea for help.

AFFC 46: Samwell V

Sam arrives at the Citadel, where he meets Marwyn and tells him about Daenerys;Marwyn leaves to go to her side while Sam is given quarters by Pate.