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A Feast for Crows Reviews

Looking for reviews of A FEAST FOR CROWS? Here are some of the links we've found.
May 1, 2006, 3:38 PM ET
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Looking for reviews of A Feast for Crows? Here are some of the links we've found. If you know of any other reviews, please contact us.

Mainstream Media Reviews:
Most of the MSM reviews read like insightful previews. Unless otherwise specified, you can read the reviews without fear of being spoiled.

Chicago Tribune by Marta Salij.
Denver Post by Dorman T. Shindler.
Locus Magazine by Lisa Goldstein (Warning: detailed review).
Publishers Weekly (Reviewer not listed).
Science Fiction Book Reviews by Paul Di Filippo.

Web Reviews:
Be forewarned: some of the reviews below make little effort to hide spoilers. They assume you have already read the book or don't care if major plot points are discussed.

Back of the Envelope by Donald.
BookLoons by Hilary Williamson.
Emerald City by Cheryl Morgan.
Juho Snellman's Weblog by Juho Snellman.
Leslie's Omnibus by Omnibus Driver.
Octopus Overlords by Mr. Fed. by Stephen Bainbridge.
SF Reviews.Net by T. M. Wagner.
Solar Flare by Eoghann.
TADSpot by TAD.
Stream-of-Consciousness Cynicism by Harold.

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