Tower of the Hand

A Dance with Dragons

ASOIAF, Book 5.
Book Five of A Song of Ice and Fire
A Dance with Dragons Cover

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ADWD 1: Prologue

Varamyr, mortally wounded, attempts to take over the body of a wildling named Thistle but fails.

ADWD 2: Tyrion I

Tyrion crosses the Narrow Sea and is taken in by Illyrio Mopatis, who tells him about Daenerys and her dragons.

ADWD 3: Daenerys I

Daenerys holds court in Meereen and learns that one of her dragons has killed and eaten a child.

ADWD 4: Jon I

Jon meets with Stannis and refuses to give him any more castles along the Wall.

ADWD 5: Bran I

Bran and his companions continue their journey to the three-eyed crow. Coldhands kills a group of men pursuing them.

ADWD 6: Tyrion II

Tyrion leaves Pentos with Illyrio and travels through the Flatlands to the Rhoyne.

ADWD 7: The Merchant's Man

Quentyn Martell seeks passage from Volantis to Meereen by masquerading as a merchant's servant.

ADWD 8: Jon II

Jon orders Gilly to take Mance Rayder's child away from Castle Black for his protection, orders Sam to go to Oldtown to become a maester, and executes Janos Slynt for treason.

ADWD 9: Tyrion III

Tyrion arrives in Ghoyan Drohe and joins Griff's expedition to meet Daenerys in Volantis.

ADWD 10: Davos I

After Salladhor Saan abandons Stannis's cause, he puts Davos off on Sweetsister, where Lord Godric Borrell agrees to let him continue his journey to White Harbor.

ADWD 11: Jon III

Stannis burns Mance Rayder and offers any wildling who swears fealty sanctuary. Jon sends all his friends away from Castle Black.

ADWD 12: Daenerys II

Daenerys learns that more of her men have been slain; receives a cryptic visit from Quaithe; and visits Rhegal and Viserion, who have been chained in the bowels of the Great Pyramid.

ADWD 13: Reek I

Theon, now a broken man going by the name Reek, is brought before Ramsay Bolton and told he will be accompanying Ramsay as he rides to war and weds Arya Stark.

ADWD 14: Bran II

Bran meets Bloodraven, who promises to instruct him in magic.

ADWD 15: Tyrion IV

Tyrion travels the Rhoyne with the crew of the Shy Maid.

ADWD 16: Davos II

Davos arrives at White Harbor.

ADWD 17: Daenerys III

Dany refuses Xaro Xhoan Daxos' offer of ships to leave Meereen.

ADWD 18: Jon IV

Jon assesses the food stores of the Watch, and offers advice to Stannis.

ADWD 19: Tyrion V

As the Shy Maid floats through the Sorrows, Tyrion determines the identities of his traveling companions and helps defend an attack from the Stone Men.

ADWD 20: Davos III

Davos is granted an audience with Lord Wyman Manderly in the Merman's Court.

ADWD 21: Reek II

Reek gets the ironborn to surrender Moat Cailin, opening the north for Roose Bolton.

ADWD 22: Jon V

Jon goes to Mole's Town to feed and recruit wildlings.

ADWD 23: Tyrion VI

Tyrion hatches a plan to Aegon over cyvasse, and is later captured in Selhorys by Jorah Mormont.

ADWD 24: Daenerys IV

Daenerys agrees to accept Hizdahr zo Loraq's proposal if he can prevent further attacks from the Sons of the Harpy.

ADWD 25: The Lost Lord

Aegon convinces Jon Connington to strike Westeros now rather than unite with Daenerys.

ADWD 26: The Windblown

Quentyn travels with the Windblown, a sellsword company he has joined in an effort to reach Daenerys.

ADWD 27: The Wayward Bride

Asha holds Deepwood Motte until it is attacked by Stannis.

ADWD 28: Tyrion VII

Tyrion travels through Volantis as Jorah's captive, learning who the red priests support and of Griff's new plans.

ADWD 29: Jon VI

Jon sends Alliser Thorne ranging, practices swordplay, receives news of his sister, and witnesses Melisandre at work.

ADWD 30: Davos IV

Davos Seaworth contemplates life, learns Northern history, and learns firsthand that the North remembers.

ADWD 31: Daenerys V

Besieged by Yunkish invaders and the bloody flux, Dany agrees to marriage with Hizdahr as her only option for peace.

ADWD 32: Melisandre I

Melisandre reveals to Jon that Mance is alive, and volunteers the former King-Beyond-the-Wall for rescuing Arya from the Boltons.

ADWD 33: Reek III

On the way to Barrowton, Roose Bolton tells Reek about Ramsay and his namesake.

ADWD 34: Tyrion VIII

Aboard the Selaesori Qhoran, Tyrion makes peace with Penny and converses with Moqorro.

ADWD 35: Bran III

Bran sees visions of the past through the weirwood trees.

ADWD 36: Jon VII

Jon leads the newest recruits beyond the Wall to swear the Night's Watch oath.

ADWD 37: Daenerys VI

Dany visits the masses affected by the bloody flux outside the walls of Meereen.

ADWD 38: The Prince of Winterfell

Theon attends the wedding of Ramsay Bolton and "Arya Stark" in Winterfell.

ADWD 39: The Watcher

Areo Hotah stands guard while Doran deals with the arrival of Balon Swann.


Jon sends Val to treat with the wildlings, leading to an argument with Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, and Septon Cellador.

ADWD 41: Tyrion IX

Tyrion is trapped with Penny and Jorah in the Gulf of Grief, when a storm critically damages the Selaesori Qhoran.

ADWD 42: The Turncloak

Theon deals with Lady Dustin and Jeyne Poole, as Winterfell awaits the arrival of Stannis' forces.

ADWD 43: The King's Prize

Asha travels in Stannis's baggage train as his army marches from Deepwood Motte to Winterfell.

ADWD 44: Daenerys VII

Dany holds court before her wedding to Hizdahr, and meets Quentyn Martell.

ADWD 45: Jon IX

Jon Snow welcomes Queen Selyse and her knights, and later Alys Karstark, to Castle Black.

ADWD 46: The Blind Girl

Arya develops new skills while training blind at the House of White and Black.

ADWD 47: A Ghost in Winterfell

Theon observes the failing Bolton alliances and the work of saboteurs in Winterfell.

ADWD 48: Tyrion X

Tyrion, Penny, and Jorah are sold into slavery, and perform for their new master outside the walls of Meereen.

ADWD 49: Jaime I

Jaime negotiates the surrender of the Blackwoods to the king's peace, and reunites with Brienne.

ADWD 50: Jon X

Alys weds the Magnar of Thenn, just as horns announce the return of Val and Tormund Giantsbane.

ADWD 51: Daenerys VIII

Daenerys rejects Quentyn's offer of marriage and affirms her intention to wed Hizdahr.

ADWD 52: Theon I

Theon and Jeyne escape from Winterfell with the help of Mance and his spearwives.

ADWD 53: Daenerys IX

Daenerys attends the re-opening of the fighting pits, and leaves atop a dragon.

ADWD 54: Jon XI

Jon agrees to terms with Tormund Giantsbane, permitting wildlings to cross the Wall.

ADWD 55: Cersei I

Cersei confesses to some sins and earns a visit from her uncle Kevan.

ADWD 56: The Queensguard

Barristan watches the court deal with Dany's absence and meets secretly with the Shavepate.

ADWD 57: The Iron Suitor

Victarion plots to take Daenerys for himself while waiting for the Iron Fleet to regroup.

ADWD 58: Tyrion XI

Tyrion plans his escape as Yezzan lays dying of the pale mare.

ADWD 59: Jon XII

Jon oversees the admission of wildlings from beyond the Wall.

ADWD 60: The Discarded Knight

Barristan attends court in Meereen when Hizdahr learns of Groleo's murder.

ADWD 61: The Spurned Suitor

Quentyn enlists the help of the Tattered Prince in exchange for Pentos.

ADWD 62: The Griffin Reborn

Jon Connington captures his old seat, Griffin's Roost.

ADWD 63: The Sacrifice

Unable to proceed because of deep snows in the Wolfswood, Asha witnesses Stannis' army deal with starvation.

ADWD 64: Victarion I

Victarion captures several ships off the Isle of Cedars.

ADWD 65: The Ugly Little Girl

Arya accepts an assassination assignment and is given a new face.

ADWD 66: Cersei II

Cersei is forced to walk naked from Baelor's Sept to the Red Keep.

ADWD 67: Tyrion XII

Tyrion buys freedom for himself and Penny, as he and Jorah join the Second Sons.

ADWD 68: The Kingbreaker

Barristan ends the reign of Hizdahr zo Loraq.

ADWD 69: The Dragontamer

Quentyn attempts to free Rhaegal and Viserion.


Jon receives a letter from Ramsay Bolton, and declares his intention to march on Winterfell.

ADWD 71: The Queen's Hand

Barristan, ruling as Dany's Hand, prepares Meereen for war.

ADWD 72: Daenerys X

Alone, weak, and ill, Daenerys begins her journey back to Meereen.

ADWD 73: Epilogue

Kevan Lannister, ruling as Tommen's regent, gets an unexpected visit.