Tower of the Hand

The Hedge Knight

Dunk and Egg, Book 1.
Ser Duncan the Tall competes in the tournament at Ashford;he is accused of assaulting a prince of the blood and forced to defend himself in a trial by seven;Egg becomes Duncan's squire.
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Dunk digs a grave for Ser Arlan, the knight he squired for. They had been on the way to Ashford, but four days of rain gave Ser Arlan a chill from which he could not recover. After Ser Arlan is buried, he ponders what to do next. He has three horses, Chestnut, his own swaybacked stot, Sweetfoot, Arlan's palfrey, and Thunder, Arlan's warhorse. Selling Arlan's two horses would give him enough silver to start a new life, but he has never known a life apart from being a squire. He finally decides to take Arlan's arms and armor and continue on to the tournament at Ashford. Some time later, Dunk arrives at an inn. He sees a boy out front that he assumes is a stableboy, and tells him to stable the horses. While doing so, he claims to be a knight. Inside, he sees a lordling passed out at a table. Dunk takes a seat next to him and orders food and drink from the innkeep. The lordling wakes up and tells Dunk that he dreamed of him and that he should stay away. The lordling proceeds to lament the lack of whores and stumbles off to find more wine. When Dunk emerges after his meal, he finds the stableboy mounted on Thunder and wearing Arlan's armor. He angrily makes the boy dismount. The boy asks if he can go to Ashford with Dunk. Dunk asks what his mother the innkeep would think, and the boy says his mother is dead. This confuses Dunk, and he refuses to take the boy as a squire.

Dunk arrives at Ashford in the late afternoon. Sixty pavilions have already been erected on the meadow before the castle. Dunk recognizes the standards of Lord Pearse Caron, skilled at both the lance and the high harp, Ser Lyonel Baratheon, the Laughing Storm, Ser Otho Bracken, known as the Brute of Bracken since killing Lord Quentyn Blackwood in a tournament at King's Landing three years before, as well as the banners of Dondarrion, Fossoway, Lannister, Estermont, Blackwood, Marbrand, Mallister, Cargyll, Westerling, Swann, Mullendore, Hightower, Florent, Frey, Penrose, Stokeworth, Daffy, Parren, and Wylde. Duncan turns aside and finds a tree under which to set up camp about a half mile from Ashford. After washing, Dunk watches a dragonfly and wonders why they are called such when they look nothing like actual dragons. He has never seen one, of course, but Arlan loved to tell about how he saw the last dragon a year before it died. Some say that Aegon III poisoned the dragon himself, as he was terrified by dragons since one devoured his mother.1 The next day, Dunk heads into the tent town that now sits outside of Ashford. He buys some food and watches a puppet show run by a good looking puppeteer from Dorne. When the show is over, he proceeds to an armorer named Steely Pate to outfit himself for the tournament. The price is steep, six hundred stags plus Arlan's old armor, and Dunk gives him two silvers as down payment and promises the rest the next day. Dunk returns to the camp in the evening to discover that the boy from the inn has set up camp nearby. Dunk threatens to take him home, but the boy says they would need to go all the way to King's Landing for that. Dunk thinks he is being mocked at first, but the boy was no way of knowing he is from King's Landing as well. The boy asks his name, and he gives it as Dunk. The boy thinks that sounds silly and asks if it is short for Duncan. He has been called Dunk as long as he can remember, but he likes the sound of that and says he is Ser Duncan the Tall. The boy gives his name as Egg. Dunk agrees to take Egg on as his squire. Egg falls asleep after dinner, and Dunk gazes up at the sky and sees a falling star.

The next morning, Dunk orders Egg to watch the camp as he rides to Ashford Castle to register. He is led to the steward, Plummer, who is in charge. Plummer is skeptical that Dunk is a knight and will not let him enter unless someone vouches for him or his old master. Dunk claims that Ser Arlan knighted him when he was near death. Ser Arlan rode with Lord Dondarrion three years back, and Dunk hopes that Ser Manfred, who is there for the tournament might remember him. Dunk goes to speak with the master of horse in the stables and is still waiting for him when a large party arrives. Dunk asks a passing stable boy who they are before realizing that the new arrivals are of House Targaryen. Three members of the Kingsguard are with them. Lord Ashford, his sons, Androw and Robert, and his Daughter come out to meet them. One member of the party comes up to Dunk and orders him to take his horse and is disdainful when Dunk names himself a knight. A stable boy comes up, and Dunk is quickly forgotten. The master of horse finally arrives, and Dunk tries to sell his horse, but the man dismisses him, suggesting he go to Henly in town. On his way out, Dunk introduces himself to two of the Kingsguard, Ser Roland Crakehall and Ser Donnel of Duskendale. He asks if they are riding in the lists, but they are not, for Prince Valarr is to be one of the champions and two of his cousins will compete as well, and it is poor form for them to ride against those they are protecting.

Dunk goes to see Henly and negotiates a price of 750 silver stags for Sweetfoot, plus some more for the saddle. On his way back to the tournament grounds, he stops to watch the puppet show again. He tosses two coppers to the pretty young puppeteer and asks if she will have some ale or sausage with him, but she declines. Next, he watches the carpenters erect the barriers for the joust and watches a group of knights, including Otho Bracken and Lord Pearse Caron, ride at a quintain. There are also a group of men training on foot, including two members of House Fossoway. The elder of the two easily defeats the younger and mocks him as being not quite ripe yet. Seeing Dunk, he introduces himself as Ser Steffon Fossoway and asks if Dunk will fight him. The younger Fossoway urges Dunk to do so, but he declines, eager to relieve himself of his coin and receive his armor, and Ser Steffon spars with a Ser Grance instead. As Dunk leaves, the younger Fossway comes up to him. He introduces himself as Raymun Fossoway and apologizes for urging Dunk to fight. Dunk asks if the two of them will ride in the tournament, and Raymun admits he is only a squire. Ser Steffon promises to knight him when he is ready, but always claims he is not yet ripe. Raymun asks Dunk which champion he means to challenge, and Dunk says he does not mean to fight until the third day after some of the champions have already most likely fallen. Raymun wishes him luck and leaves.

The tournament at Ashford is being held in honor of the thirteenth nameday of Lord Ashford's daughter. She is the reigning Queen of Love and Beauty, and five champions defend her. Any knight may challenge one of the five, and if he wins he replaces the man as champion until he too is defeated. At the end of three days, the five remaining champions will decide whether the daughter will remain Queen of Love and Beauty or will be replaced by a woman of their choosing. Dunk figures all he needs to do is win one tilt so he can be a champion, even if only for an hour, something Ser Arlan never accomplished. Hefting his armor, he goes off in search of Steely Pate. Dunk returns to the campsite some time later with the armor and is pleased to see that Egg has put the place in good order. He shows off the armor to Egg, which is well made, if plain. He tells Egg it will be his job to keep it clean. Egg is impertinent, but Dunk appreciates his boldness. He compliments Egg and tells him they will go into town together on the morrow to inspect the tourney grounds and buy provisions.

Dunk talks to Ser Manfred about vouching for him so he may enter the tournament. He explains that Ser Arlan rode with Lord Dondarrion and Lord Caron when they burned the Vulture King out of the Red Mountains. Ser Manfred does not remember him, as there were eight hundred knights and four thousand foot on the expedition. Dunk walks back to Ashford dejected, figuring he will not be able to convince Plummer to let him enter the tournament. Plummer is not in his chamber, and a guard tells Dunk he is in the great hall. When Dunk arrives there, he sees Lord Ashford arguing with two other men. Daeron Targaryen has not shown up as he was commanded, and Ser Roland is out looking for him and Aegon. Dunk realizes that the two men must be princes. The men take notice of Dunk, who is suddenly embarrassed. One of the princes, sitting in Lord Ashford's high seat, realizes that he is the knight Plummer was expecting. Dunk explains that Ser Manfred will not vouch for him, and Lord Ashford declares he is not a knight. The prince in the chair breaks in and says he remembers Ser Arlan, who overthrew Lord Stokeworth and the Bastard of Harrenhal in a melee at King's Landing sixteen years ago and before that unhorsed the Grey Lion at Lannisport. The man figures that if Dunk's story is true, he will know the name of the Grey Lion. Dunk says it is Ser Damon Lannister, who is now Lord of Casterly Rock and will enter the lists on the morrow. The other prince asks the one in the chair how he could possibly remember the deeds of a single hedge knight so many years ago, and he explains that he makes it his business to know all he can about an opponent. He jousted with Ser Arlan in the first round of a tournament nine years before at Storm's End, where they broke four lances before Arlan was unhorsed. Dunk blurts out it was seven against the Prince of Dragonstone before realizing that he is talking to Baelor Breakspear, Hand of the King and heir apparent. Baelor says that tales grow in the telling and it was only four. The other prince must be Maekar, for Baelor addressed him as brother and of Baelor's other brothers Prince Aerys is bookish and Prince Rhaegal is meek, mad, and sickly and neither would come so far for a tournament. Baelor says he sees no reason why Dunk cannot enter the tournament. Maekar dismisses Dunk brusquely, and Baelor apologizes for his brother's behavior, explaining that two of Maekar's sons are missing. As Dunk takes his leave, Baelor tells him he must find a new sigil, as only a trueborn son may inherit a knight's arms.

Dunk returns to the tournament area, where Egg is watching the puppet show. He wears a hood to cover his head and was afraid to enter the castle, which Dunk attributes to equal parts shyness and shame at his low birth. After the show, Dunk approaches the puppeteer and asks her to paint him a new sigil, as she paints all her puppets. She asks what he would like, and Dunk is at a loss. He decides he wants a background the color of sunset, but cannot think of a device. Egg suggests an elm like the one at Dunk's campsite, which Dunk likes, and he says there should be a falling star above the tree as well. The girl agrees to paint the device and introduces herself as Tanselle.

The first morning of the tournament, Dunk and Egg have breakfast while Egg talks about all the great knights and how they might fare. By the time they arrive at the tourney grounds, they are already packed with people. Dunk spies Prince Baelor sitting with Lord Ashford in the viewing stands. The five champions have their pavilions at the north end of the lists. They are Lord Ashford's sons, Androw and Robert, Leo Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden, Ser Humfrey Hardyng of the Vale, and Prince Valarr Targaryen, Baelor's son. The tournament opens with all five champions taking on their first challenger at once. Ser Humfrey unseats Lord Tully on the second tilt and then defeats him on foot with his longsword. Prince Valarr unseats Ser Abelar Hightower on the second tilt as well, and he yields. Lord Leo takes Lord Damon's helmet clean off on the third tilt causing him to yield, Ser Tybolt Lannister unseats Ser Androw after three more tilts, and Ser Lyonel and Ser Robert unseat each other on the tenth tilt, after which Lyonel beats Robert into submission with his mace. Three more challengers ride up for the second round. Lord Pearse challenges Lord Leo, Ser Joseth Mallister challenges Ser Humfrey, and Lord Gawen Swann challenges Prince Valarr. Prince Valarr unseats Lord Gawen on the second tilt, while Ser Humfrey knocks Joseth unconscious, and Lord Leo forces Lord Pearse to yield after a fight with blunted longaxes.

Several more notable bouts take place as the jousting continues throughout the day. Ser Humfrey Beesbury splinters a dozen lances against Ser Humfrey Hardyng before going down, Ser Jon Penrose unseats Ser Tybolt, who manages to remain champion by fighting on foot with only his shield, and Ser Robyn Rhysling, who lost an eye five years earlier to a splintering lance, loses his helm in his first tilt against Lord Leo but refuses to yield and is finally unhorsed after several more tilts. Ser Lyonel becomes a favorite of the commons for his habit of targeting the crests on the helmets of opposing knights and flinging them into the commons. He also laughs loudly each time a lesser knight challenges him. Late in the day, a new challenger rides forth, Prince Aerion Brightflame, son of Prince Maekar. Egg's hands tighten on Dunk's neck when the prince appears. Aerion briefly stops before Valarr's tent before challenging Ser Humfrey, taunting him as he does. As they ride together, Egg screams for Humfrey to kill Aerion. Aerion does not aim for Ser Humfrey, but for the knight's horse, driving his lance through the creature's neck. The horse screams and falls, crushing one of Humfrey's legs. Aerion tries to continue the fight on foot with his sword, but is held back as others put Humfrey's horse out of his misery. The incident signals the halt of the day's jousting.

That night, Dunk looks for Tanselle among the vendors, but she is busy with her show. As he an Egg walk around, Raymun comes up to him. Raymun tells Dunk that Lord Ashford declared Humfrey the winner of his match and awarded him Aerion's courser, but his leg is broken in two places and he cannot continue. Lord Ashford was thinking of who should replace him, but Prince Baelor, who sent his own maester to tend to Humfrey said it would not be seemly to take down Humfrey's shield under the circumstances and the tournament will continue with four champions. Raymun Asks Dunk to join him in a glass of wine. Dunk tries to refuse, citing his need to wait for Tanselle, but Egg says he will wait for Dunk, removing his excuse. They enter a tent and talk about Aerion. He is well known to be a despicable man and none doubt he struck the horse on purpose. He is always chivalrous when his father is around, but Maekar was not there. He left with Ser Roland to look for Daeron and Aegon, his eldest and youngest sons, who failed to arrive as they were supposed to. As they continue to talk, Egg bursts in telling Dunk that Aerion is hurting Tanselle. When he arrives at the show, he sees Targaryen men-at-arms destroying all the puppets as Aerion breaks one of Tanselle's fingers. Without thinking, Dunk approaches Aerion and assaults him. He might have beaten the price to death if Aerion's men had not restrained him. Aerion recognizes Dunk, as he was the prince who tried to get Dunk to take his horse when the Targaryens first arrived at Ashford. Aerion calls Tanselle a traitor for doing a show in which a dragon loses. Aerion prepares to break Dunk's teeth with a hammer when Egg rushes forward and tells Aerion to stop. Dunk is incredulous as Egg tells two of the men-at-arms, Wate and Yorkel, to release Dunk and they comply. Some of the men begin to kneel as well. Raymun and Ser Steffon appear with some of their men, but Aerion ignores them as he asks Egg what happened to his hair. Egg replies that he shaved it so he would not look like Aerion.

As the second day of the tournament dawns, Dunk sits in a tower cell. He has not been allowed to speak to anyone since being confined. That evening, Egg comes to see him. His uncle, Prince Baelor, made him come to apologize for deceiving him. He explains that Egg is short for Aegon and that his brother, training to be a maester at the Citadel, calls him that.2 He explains that he was to squire for his brother Daeron at the tournament, but Daeron did not want to fight so they snuck away from their escort. Daeron shaved his head so that his silver-gold hair would not be recognized. Daeron meant to hide until the tournament was over, but Aegon wanted to squire for someone, so when Dunk mistook him for a stable boy, Aegon decided to follow him. Aegon says Dunk may continue to call him Egg in private and also tells Dunk that Baelor wants to see him.

Baelor sees Dunk in Lord Ashford's solar. He has Aegon poor Dunk a cup of wine and then dismisses him. Baelor is sympathetic to Dunk, but there is nothing he can do. Maekar has returned after finding Daeron at a nearby inn. He is furious at the behavior of his sons and has aimed his wrath at Dunk. Aerion has already told his version of the puppet show incident, and Daeron has told Maekar that Dunk was a robber knight who carried Aegon off. Aegon will certainly tell the truth, but Maekar has placed all his hopes in Aerion since he considers Daeron a disappointment, and he is not likely to listen to reason. Furthermore, Dunk has laid hands on a prince of the blood, and there must be a trial. Baelor and Maekar will sit in judgment along with Lord Ashford and his liege lord, Lord Leo. The usual price for striking a prince of the blood is to lose the offending hand, and Dunk would lose a foot as well since he also kicked Aerion. Baelor means to push for leniency, but cannot guarantee the outcome. Baelor reminds Dunk that he has one other option: he can demand a trial by combat.

At the trial, Dunk has requested a trial by combat, and Aerion has demanded a trial of seven. The trial of seven is an ancient form that is rarely used any longer. It was brought to Westeros by the Andals, who believed that if the Seven Gods were honored by a combat of seven versus seven, they would be more likely to take a role. If Dunk cannot find six to stand with him, he will be found guilty by default. As Dunk leaves Ashford Castle, he is full of despair, until he sees Thunder tied up at a round pavilion with the sigil of House Fossoway. When Dunk tells Steffon and Raymun what is to occur, Steffon pledges his support and goes to round up five more knights for the combat. After Steffon leaves, Raymun tells Dunk that he should find his own champion and not rely on Steffon and his promises. Aegon enters at that point with Daeron. Dunk is not pleased to see Daeron. Daeron apologizes for his lie and says he will lay down at the earliest opportunity and not participate. Maekar is going to be part of the combat however, and he has commanded the Kingsguard to fight with him. Three of them are present, Ser Roland, Ser Donnel, and Ser Willem Wylde. Aegon says he will find knights to aid Dunk and tells him how Aerion used to sneak into his bedchamber and threaten to geld him and how he threw Aegon's cat down a well. Daeron adds that Aerion believes he is a dragon in human form. Raymun and Aegon prepare to find knights for Dunk while Daeron takes him aside. He says that he dreamed of Dunk, the same thing he said when they met at the inn. He says he has prophetic dreams and that he had dreamed of Dunk with a dead dragon on top of him. He is frightened of the dream. He tells Dunk that he will withdraw his accusation, but it will mean nothing unless Aerion does so as well. Dunk goes to find the puppeteers wagon to get his shield, but the puppeteers have fled. Steely Pate calls out to him and says that Tanselle left the shield with him. It is beautiful, but Dunk thinks it looks like death with its falling star. Pate points out that the elm is bright and alive. Dunk asks how much it would cost to make a new rim for the shield, and Pate only charges him a copper.

The next morning as Dunk makes his way to the tourney grounds, many of the smallfolk stop to wish him luck. He asks Pate why they care, and he says they cheer him as a knight who remembered his vows. When he arrives at the grounds, he is pleased to see Humfrey Hardyng, Humfrey Beesbury, and Robyn Rysling there to fight for him. Humfrey's leg is broken, but he can still fight from horseback. Raymun found him eager for a chance to avenge himself against Aerion, and Humfrey Beesbury is his brother by marriage. Aegon recruited Ser Robyn, whom he knew from other tournaments. Dunk looks in wonder as Ser Lyonel joins him as well. Dunk thinks Ser Steffon recruited him as he had promised to do, but Lyonel reveals it was Aegon. He slipped by Lyonel's men and dumped a flagon of wine on his head. Lyonel is eager for a chance to fight the Kingsguard and irritate Prince Maekar. The challengers arrive at that point, and Raymun points out they are only six. As Dunk dons his armor, Ser Steffon finally appears. He explains that he will not be joining Dunk however, and will instead be the seventh man for Aerion. Raymun is contemptuous of his cousin, who was promised a lordship to take Aerion's side. Raymun decides to take his cousin's place and tells Duncan to knight him. Duncan hesitates and is saved from having to knight Raymun by a summons from Lord Ashford. Ser Lyonel knights him instead. Dunk tells Lord Ashford that he only has six men, and Lord Ashford says that will not do. Dunk rides out in front of the crowd imploring one man to join his cause, but no one will help him. Finally, one man says he will take up Dunk's cause; it is Baelor Breakspear. Dunk's supporters take their places, with Ser Raymun arriving last because he needed time to change the color of the apple on his shield from red to green, in mockery of how his cousin would always tell him he is not ripe. Baelor tells the others that their opponents will be using heavy lances and that they should arm with tourney lances, which have a longer reach. If Dunk is killed or the accusers are killed or yield, the trial is over. The Kingsguard may not harm a prince of the blood, so Baelor will deal with them while the others take care of Maekar and Aerion.

The trial begins, and Dunk rides against Aerion. Dunk strikes Aerion's shield instead of his body, while Aerion's lance pierces him. He manages to keep his seat, but is wounded. Ser Humfrey Hardyng is also hurt, while Ser Humfrey Beesbury is dead with a lance to the groin. Prince Baelor has driven one of the Kingsguard from his saddle, and another is also down, as is Maekar. Ser Robyn is fighting the other member of the Kingsguard. Aerion crashes into Dunk, unhorsing him and sending his sword spinning away. Dunk lands in the mud and is blinded by mud. He clears his eyeholes just in time to see Aerion spinning his morningstar. It crashes into his head, and he is knocked to the ground. Aerion stands over him and taunts him before bringing the morningstar down again. Dunk rolls away and uses his superior strength to wrench away Aerion's shield and weapons and beat him into submission. Dunk thinks of killing him, but only asks him to yield. Aerion does so softly. Dunk sees Maekar trying to reach Aerion, but Baelor is holding him off. Two of the Kingsguard are withdrawing from the field, and the third is down. Lyonel has joined Baelor against Maekar, and he will soon be beat into submission as well. Aerion makes a grab for his morningstar, but Dunk kicks it away and drags him to Lord Ashford and forces him to withdraw his accusation. After the battle, Pate and Raymun see to Dunk. Raymun tells him that Humfrey Beesbury was killed by Ser Donnel and Humfrey Hardyng is seriously wounded. Ser Willem had to be carried off the field insensate and no one else is seriously harmed. Dunk is relieved that Daeron's dream about the dead dragon appears to have been wrong. Baelor comes over and says he will have his maester, Yormwell, tend Dunk's wounds when he is done with Maekar. His speech is oddly slurred. He tells Raymun to help take of his helm, and when the helm is removed; half his head comes with it. Prince Baelor falls.

At Prince Baelor's funeral, Dunk attempts to offer condolences to Prince Valarr, but he has nothing but scorn for Dunk, saying that Baelor would have been a great king and wondering why the gods took him and left Dunk. Several days later, four Targaryen men-at-arms come for Dunk at his elm. He thinks he is a dead man, but they have come with Maekar, who wants a word with him. Maekar has sent Aerion to Lys and hopes that a few years in the Free Cities will change him for the better. He tells Dunk that men will always whisper that he meant to kill his brother, but it is not true. Still, he must have been the one to do it since the only other opponents Baelor fought were the knights of the Kingsguard. Dunk points out that the same whispers will be directed at him since Baelor died for him, and Maekar agrees. Dunk has been wondering whether his hand and foot were truly worth the life of a prince, not to mention Ser Humfrey Beesbury and Ser Humfrey Hardyng, who succumbed to his wounds the night before. Maekar agrees that it is not a fair trade and wonders if it is some cruel jape of the gods or whether there are gods at all. He tells Dunk that it is time Aegon was a squire, but he refuses to serve anyone but Dunk. Dunk says he is only a hedge knight, and Maekar offers him a place at Summerhall with his household knights, where the master-at-arms can finish his training while he attends to Aegon's. Dunk says he will take the boy to squire, but only if Maekar consents to let him live the life of a hedge knight. Maekar does not like this idea, but sees that Dunk is holding something back and asks what it is. Dunk opines that Daeron and Aerion never had to deal with the harsh realities of being a hedge knight, implying this is why they went bad. Maekar stalks off without a word. The next morning, Aegon comes to Dunk and says his father consented to let Aegon serve him. He asks where they are going, and Dunk says they will make for Dorne. Aegon, knowing the reason for their destination, says he hears they have good puppet shows there.


Active Characters

  1. Aegon V Targaryen - He is skinny and pasty with a shaved head and dark blue eyes that are almost purple.
  2. Aerion Targaryen - He is of middling height and slender with silver-gold hair, a high brow, sharp cheekbones, pale smooth skin, and deep violet eyes.
  3. Baelor Targaryen - He is tall with short-cropped dark hair peppered with grey, a strong jaw, and a nose that has been broken more than once. He is thirty-nine.
  4. Daeron Targaryen - He is eighteen.
  5. Daughter Ashford - She is short with yellow hair and a round pink face.
  6. Donnel - He has red hair and beard.
  7. Duncan - He is nearly seven feet tall. He is sixteen or seventeen, no one knows for sure.
  8. Leo Tyrell - He is slender with grey hair and beard.
  9. Lord Ashford - He is a big bald man with a round red face.
  10. Maekar I Targaryen - He has a pox-scarred face, pale silver-gold hair and a square cut beard.
  11. Manfred Dondarrion - He is thin with an unruly mane of red-gold hair.
  12. Pate - He is short with a bushy black beard and large hands.
  13. Raymun Fossoway - He has a square face, a pug nose, and short woolly hair.
  14. Tanselle - She is tall and slim with dark hair and olive skin.
  15. Valarr Targaryen - He has long dark hair with a silver streak running through it and blue eyes.


Active Houses

  1. House Dondarrion of Blackhaven - House Dondarrion came into being during a war between the Storm King and Dorne. The first Dondarrion was carrying a message from the Dornish Marches on a stormy night warning the Storm King of an invading army when his horse was killed beneath him and two Dornishmen accosted him. His sword was broken in the fall, and he thought he was finished. As the Dornishmen approached, a forked purple lighting bolt struck killing them both. The message was delievered and enabled the Storm King to win a great victory. The man was made a lord for his service, and he chose the forked purple lightning bolt as his sigil.
  2. House Fossoway - The green-apple Fossoways split from the red-apple Fossoways at the tournament at Ashford when Raymun Fossoway disgusted that his cousin, Steffon Fossoway, went back on his promise to fight for Dunk in his trial by seven had himself knighted to take his cousin's place. He changed his sigil to a green apple because his cousin always mocekd him as being not quite ripe.


  1. Ashford - Ashford Castle is a triangular stone castle with thirty-foot tall round towers at each point. A small market town with whitewashed houses with thatched roofs stands outside the castle. Both town and castle are situated along the Cockleswent River.


Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.