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External Link The Board Game Second Edition. Fantasy Flight Games has revealed the rules and components for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition. The original board game has been hard to find of late, so another edition is certainly welcome. The Second Edition takes the basic gameplay of the original, while integrating popular elements from its two expansions and updating the art and pieces. The game is expected to release in late November; players will get a chance to preview it a few weeks earlier at FFG's Days of Ice and Fire event.

Art of Ice and Fire reprinted. Fantasy Flight Games has finally reprinted The Art of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, a collection of ASOIAF-inspired works from acclaimed artists like Ted Nasmith and John Howe. Originally published in 2005, the hardcover had been hard to find of late (or pricy), so it's nice to see it available again in retail stores and on A second volume featuring new art is being planned for 2011. [h/t jaimes bumboy]

FFG reveals Battles of Westeros. Fantasy Flight Games opened a brand new event center in Minnesota over the weekend and revealed a surprising new addition to their Game of Thrones line: Battles of Westeros. Not much is known about it, other than it will use BattleLore rules. (via The Hopeless Gamer)

FFG's new center is also holding a "Days of Ice and Fire" event in November, which special guest George R. R. Martin. GRRM will hold a Q&A, sign books, and maybe read a chapter from A Dance with Dragons. We'll report more on this when we know more.

battlesofweteros.jpgBattles of Westeros (photo from A Hopeless Gamer)

Update: The Hopeless Gamer has lots more details and pictures, plus a special giveaway:

In Honor of FFG officially announcing the Battles of Westeros board game, we here at The Hopeless Gamer would like to announce our second contest in order to encourage more people to keep on coming back for more Hopeless Gaming Goodness!

If we reach 100 followers by Sunday, February 28th, we'll be giving away an art print (measuring approximately 16 in. wide x 14 in. tall) of a House Stark guard originally created as a promotional piece for the A Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game. Not only is this a high-quality print, but it is also signed by none other than Ice & Fire/Westeros author himself, George R. R. Martin. But there's more! It's also been framed professionally so it's ready to hang on your wall right now! (If we don't reach 100 followers, there will still be a Game of Thrones-oriented mystery prize given away to one lucky follower!)

FFG's Tower of the Hand. Has anyone played the A Game of Thrones Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games? Apparently one of the next "Chapter Packs" for the game will be called The Tower of the Hand. I'm honored, though I wish they would have used a more recent picture of me*.

The chapter pack will be available this summer as part of the King's Landing expansion. It retails at $9.95, though it will require the A Game of Thrones LCG core set to play.


* We are in no way associated with this product. I don't know who is supposed to be pictured in the image above. It may or may not be Jon Arryn, since FFG has a completely different interpretation of him on the product page.

Board Game Price Increases. Due to rising manufacturing costs, Fantasy Flight Games has announced new prices for its board games. Most notably, the MSRP of "A Game of Thrones: The Board Game" will increase to $59.95 (up $10) and the "A Clash of Kings Expansion" will rise to $39.95 (up $5). The new prices are effective November 1, so if you're thinking about getting either of these, now's a good time to do it. (via All the Lines Crossed)

ASOIAF: The Adventure Game. Fantasy Flight Games, the company behind the A Game of Thrones board game and collectible card game, has developed another game based on George R. R. Martin's books: A Song of Ice and Fire: The Adventure Game. An attendee of GenCon got a chance to try the game this week. According to him, players control unique "heroes" (like the Queen of Thorns) and score by winning fights, completing story-based tasks, or otherwise playing the right card at the right time. As a fan of FFG's original board game, I was surprised and excited to hear about their latest ASOIAF offering. No word yet on the release date or price. (via

Updated with a description from the publisher: "In A Song of Ice and Fire: The Adventure Game, players take the role of one of the characters from the epic series, using their strength, political power, and guile to weave their life story and become the dominant power in Westros. The game is designed by Eric Lang, who co-designed the A Game of Thrones LCG with FFG founder and CEO Christian T. Petersen."

Now a Living Card Game. Fantasy Flight Games has announced radical changes to their A Game of Thrones CCG line. The original co-designer and current lead designer explain the decision and detail what is now called the "Living Card Game." It sounds like they want to attract more players and reduce the collectibility aspect of the game. I have limited experience with the CCG, so I don't know how this affects existing players, but I applaud FFG's efforts to keep the game fresh and accessible. Look for the LCG to launch in February with monthly, limited edition "chapter packs."


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