Tower of the Hand


Browse characters, houses, items, and other individual reference entries.
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Look for every king and every commoner here. Each character gets his own summary, chronology, and list of chapter references.

Houses & Family Trees

In the Seven Kingdoms, loyalties may be sworn to the major houses, but at any moment minor houses can rise to power and old powers can be eliminated.

Geography & Maps

Go into the world that holds Westeros, The Great Eastern Continent, and The Free Cities. Covers every locale ranging from the grand Wall to tiny Flea Bottom.

History & Timelines

A guide to the eras and great events that came before A Game of Thrones. Also includes links to timelines, legendary characters, and dead houses.


All things unique to the world: organizations, religions, creatures, ships, and even swords.


An assortment of information from throughout series, collected into one place for convenient reading.
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