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Photos of locations from GAME OF THRONES.
Nov 5, 2009, 3:50 PM ET
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Doune Castle
Parts of this castle in Central Scotland are believed to serving as Winterfell, possibly scenes from the Great Hall feast in AGOT 6 and additional courtyard scenes. Filming occurred at Doune Castle from October 24-27.
Photo by Gabriele Campbell Photo via Winter Is Coming
LEFT: Doune Castle Great Hall. Photo by Gabriele Campbell.
RIGHT: Doune Castle in production for Game of Thrones. Photo by an anonymous emailer to Winter Is Coming.
Tollymore Forest Park
This park in Northern Ireland serves as the location for the prologue (AGOT 1). It is also where Eddard, Robb, Bran, and Jon Snow discover the direwolf pups, as in AGOT 2. Filming occurred at Tollymore Forest Park from October 29-30.
Photo by clare&joe Photo by Gerry B22
LEFT: Tollymore Forest in 2007. Photo by clare&joe.
RIGHT: Forest covered with fake snow for Game of Thrones. Photo by Gerry B22, via Winter Is Coming.
A small village in Northern Ireland is the setting for Gared's execution, as in AGOT 2. Filming occurred in Cairncastle on November 2. No production photos of Cairncastle have been leaked yet.1
Castle Ward
This castle in Northern Ireland is believed to be the setting for several events from AGOT 8, notably the sparring between Bran and Tommen in the practice yard. Filming occurred in Castle Ward on November 5.2
Photo by Mot's European Castle Page Photo by Mot's European Castle Page Photo by kinnygraham
LEFT: Old Castle Ward Tower. Photo by Mot's European Castle Page.
MIDDLE: Old Castle Ward Gate. Photo by Mot's European Castle Page.
RIGHT: Pre-production horse cart for Game of Thrones. Photo by kinnygraham, via Winter Is Coming.
Paint Hall
The largest film studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Paint Hall was announced in April to be the primary filming location for Game of Thrones. Sets for Game of Thrones were constructed in September. Filming began in Paint Hall on November 11. No production photos of Paint Hall have been leaked yet.
Photo copyright (c) Ross Photo by BillAnd
LEFT: Paint Hall Exterior. Photo copyright (c) Ross.
RIGHT: Paint Hall Interior. Photo by BillAnd.
Morocco has long been rumored to be the setting of Daenerys' scenes (AGOT 4, AGOT 12). Some Kingdom of Heaven sets will be repurposed for Game of Thrones and additional Moroccan sites are likely. Filming in Morocco will take place in mid-November. (via, Winter Is Coming)
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