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Robert's Rebellion: A Timeline

A list of important events of the rebellion that brought an end to the Targaryen rule, fifteen years prior to AGOT.
Oct 22, 2005, 8:56 PM ET
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Events from A GAME OF THRONES, A CLASH OF KINGS, and A STORM OF SWORDS are discussed in this article. We highly recommend reading the first three books of A Song of Ice and Fire before viewing this article. If you wish to continue, change the scope level above to A Storm of Swords or higher.
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Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - Eddard Stark, 35 at the start of the series (AGOT 2), was 18 at the time of the tourney (AGOT 40). Therefore, the year was most likely 281, seventeen years before the start of AGOT, 298.
  • 2 - Brandon was 20, Petyr 15, when they fought over Catelyn Tully (AGOT 19). Since Brandon died at the age of 20 (AGOT 5), the year of the duel must have taken place in late 281 or early 282.
  • 3 - In ASOS 50, Edric Storm learns that the Battles at Summerhall was fought when Robert had "first come home to call his banners," so Summerhall took place shortly after this.
  • 4 - Since Robert was taking back prisoners to Storm's End and he was drinking with them (ASOS 37), Storm's End could not have been under siege at this point.
  • 5 - Since Mace Tyrell was involved in the Battle of Ashford, the siege is likely to have occurred after that.
  • 6 - Nine months after Eddard rode to war, Robb Stark was born (AGOT 64). Robb was born 15/6/283 (Assumption C), so the weddings likely took place between 15/9 and 29/9.
  • 7 - Catelyn was to marry Brandon Stark, but when the time came, she married Eddard, as is the custom.
  • 8 - In ASOS 3, Catelyn says that Hoster Tully fought on behalf of Robert in the Battles of the Bells, so he has already joined them by that point. However, Catelyn also says Jon Arryn had no heirs by the time his marriage to Lysa was "hastily arranged." Jon's cousin Denys Arryn wasn't killed until the Battle of the Bells.
  • 9 - Eddard rode off to war scarcely a fortnight after getting married (AGOT 64), so the date was likely 29/9.
  • 10 - Robb Stark's birth date is Assumption C. He was 14 at the start of AGOT (298) and had already turned 16 by the time of his death in 299.
  • 11 - The war had raged for close to a year before the Sack (AGOT 13).
  • 12 - Stannis held the castle for close to a year (ACOK 1).
  • 13 - Dany's birth date is Assumption B.