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Deadliest Warrior Tournament
Sep 28, 2009, 11:37 PM ET
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Sixteen warriors from four regions of A Song of Ice and Fire have been chosen to fight in one climactic showdown. Which warriors will demonstrate a winning combination of strength, speed, and steel? Which will crumble under the pressure? Who will ultimately be named the world's deadliest warrior? Thanks to MikeLight77 for putting together the brackets, which can be viewed in its entirety after the jump. Final tallies will be revealed at the very end of the tournament.

Note: for the purposes of this tournament, assume that every participant fights in their peak condition as seen in ASOIAF. (That is to say, assume Jaime has two hands.)

Region 1 - The North

Region 2 - The Midlands
Region 3 - The South
Region 4 - The East


Now the battle for the East begins in earnest. Read on for the full play-by-play, courtesy MikeLight77. Semifinals to begin shortly.


Round #1A - Syrio Forel vs. Strong Belwas
Both combatants entered the battle basically unarmored. Strong Belwas, the veteran of the fighting pits of Meereen, wore his customary leather vest and carried his razor-sharp arakh. Syrio was lightly garbed, and carried his traditional Bravosi blade. Belwas and the smaller man circled each other slowly, Forel occasionally lunging in and out, but not attempting a strike... Belwas did nothing, waiting, as was his custom, to let his opponent cut him first. With Syrio (as predicted by many onlookers), this was a fatal mistake. Syrio danced in with a feint to Belwas? chest. Belwas attempted to evade to take only a small cut, leaning back and leaving his lower body extended forward. The Bravosi anticipated this move and redirected his strike to the legs, thrusting his slender blade into the larger man?s thigh, severing the femoral artery. Belwas roared in anger and pain, but the smaller, quicker Forel easily avoided Belwas? attacks until the blood loss finally incapacitated the larger fighter. Syrio was victorious, and only needed one cut to do it.

Round #1B - Barristan Selmy vs. Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo, the undefeated lord of the Dothraki Sea, faced off against Barristan the Bold, legendary warrior of Westeros, in a mounted battle. The Dothraki refused to dismount, since his people spend most of their life on horseback. Barristan, rather than face a mounted foe on foot, wisely chose to match his mounted foe. Barristan chose to begin the battle with a lance, Drogo, only with his traditional arakh. As the two charged together, the Westerosi knight leveled his lance at his opponent?s chest. The Dothraki, for whom horsemanship is like walking, easily directed his mount to sidestep the point of the lance, and came around with a vicious arakh strike. Unfortunately for Drogo, he was not accustomed to facing an armored opponent, and his arakh struck only Barristan?s heavy plate armor. This scene was repeated for several passes, until finally, Barristan changed his strategy ? at the last instant, he swung his lance out almost 90 degrees and targeted the legs of his opponent?s mount. Drogo was not able to rein in his mount in time, and the attack successfully tripped up the Dothraki. Drogo was thrown from his horse, but quickly rolled to his feet. Barristan was already on the ground, sword drawn, and shield on his left arm. The arakh flashed, but Barristan?s defense was solid. The horselord was unable to penetrate the knight?s defenses. Eventually, Barristan?s precise sword strikes took their toll. The Dothraki put up an honorable fight, but ?The Bold? was too much for him. Barristan mercifully ended the fight with a final stroke.


Round #1A - Oberyn Martell vs. Darkstar
Martell stepped onto the battlefield as most observers had seen before - lightly armored and armed again with his trusted spear. Dayne was armed and armored as would be expected of a knight of Dorne - full plate, broadsword, and shield. As the two faced off, it quickly became clear that Oberyn was going with a familiar strategy ? jab at the joints and use the reach advantage of the spear to keep distance between himself and his more heavily armored opponent. Oberyn was not distracted by any emotional involvement in this fight however... After dozens of weakening wounds to the elbow, armpit, and knees of his helpless opponent, the opportunity to finish Dayne arose, and this time, Martell did not hesitate.

Round #1B - Areo Hotah vs. Loras Tyrell
To most onlookers, Hotah was a mystery. Not much reputation outside Dorne. Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, on the other hand, was famous throughout Westeros. Loras entered clad in his knightly attire ? plate armor, sword, and shield. Hotah carried his massive axe. Perhaps Loras entered the battle a bit cocky ? he immediately charged forward to attack. After narrowly avoiding a strike that would have taken his head off, he rethought his strategy and backed off. Surprisingly, the hotheaded young knight fought a patient, tactical battle. He repeatedly lunged in, struck quickly and moved out of reach of the longer axe. Tyrell?s youth also worked to his advantage ? as the fight went on, it was clear that the older Hotah was tiring. Loras, sensing that victory was near, moved in to finish the fight. Unfortunately, he made one mistake ? he forgot about the one-shot-kill capability of the Norvoshi weapon. Hotah may have been feigning weakness to draw the less experienced fighter in ? and the ruse paid off. As the well-loved Ser Loras Tyrell approached to finish the older man, the cheers of the crowd echoed in his ears. Areo Hotah?s axe swept around in a blur ? faster than the naked eye could follow. Afterward, the silence was deafening.


Round #1A - Jaime Lannister vs. Bronn
Bronn knew he was in for trouble early. His strategy was to ?stick with what works?. Dressed lightly, he attempted to keep moving and wear his fully armored opponent down. His problem, however, is that this was not Vardis Egen he was facing. This was Jaime Lannister, clad in his Kingsguard White. Jaime patiently waited while Bronn danced around, moved in and moved out, and generally wasted energy. All the while, Jaime stalked?waiting? Bronn made his living as a sellsword by being a smart fighter, but he was unable to find a way through Jaime?s defenses. Slowly, agonizingly, Jaime inflicted wound after wound... and finally all Bronn?s strength left him. Jaime mercifully ended the fight with a final thrust to the chest.

Round #1B - Gregor Clegane vs. Sandor Clegane
This is one we all wanted. The battle of the brothers. Sandor vs Gregor. The Hound vs. The Mountain. Most of the battles in this tournament have had a tone of professionalism and ?business.? Fighting only to see who is the best. Not so, this fight; this fight was fueled by pure hatred. Both men entered the battle fully armored and wielding massive broadswords. As the two rushed each other and their swords clashed the noise was deafening. The sound of steel on steel echoed throughout the battlefield, and both men?s shields were quickly reduced to splinters. The grass was quickly stained red with both men?s blood... although more of Gregor?s... Sandor, sensing his advantage, backed off, encouraging his larger brother to pursue, and adopted a counterattacking strategy. Gregor, with a last burst of energy, surprised the Hound by closing faster than anticipated. Sandor ducked under an attempted decapitating blow, going to his knees and rolling to his right... rising to his feet after the roll, he swung a desperate backhand without looking ? and it connected with The Mountain?s neck... nearly severing his head.


Round #1A - Qhorin Halfhand vs. Tormund Giantsbane
As many predicted, Tormund Giantsbane was more talk than action. Qhorin, a smart and disciplined veteran of the Wall, expected a brute force attack from the larger wildling, and Tormund did not disappoint. Qhorin easily avoided Tormund?s bull rush with a smooth sidestep and low counterattack, hamstringing the bigger man, and effectively ending the fight. Tormund, now crippled and even slower, did not last ten more breaths before Qhorin ended the fight.

Round #1B - Victarion Greyjoy vs. Greatjon Umber
This was the battle of round #1. Victarion Greyjoy finally got his wish to face one of the mighty warriors from the mainland. The Greatjon surprised many of the onlookers by throwing his weapon to the ground and challenging the Ironborn to hand-to-hand combat. The prideful Victarion, perhaps foolishly, accepted. The two brutal giants circled each other warily each looking for an opening... Finally Victarion struck, with a vicious left hook to the jaw of the larger Greatjon... Umber attempted to grapple, but the quicker Victarion avoided the clench and countered with several body shots. Victarion, sensing weakness, lunged forward in pursuit as the Greatjon retreated... perhaps a bit too eagerly, as Umber countered with an uppercut to Greyjoy?s jaw, staggering the smaller man. Victarion aimed a straight right hand to the Greatjon?s face, which was dodged; Umber grabbed Victarion?s wrist, and successfully held on, quickly grabbing his smaller opponent in a smothering bear hug. Victarion attempted a double ear slap, but GJU withstood the attack and wisely took Greyjoy down, achieving a dominant top position. The Greatjon rained down punches for the remainder of the fight, weakening Victarion until he foolishly rolled over to avoid the blows. Greatjon ended the fight with a choke from that position.

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