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External Link Husband material by rank, but not station. Thought Catalog's Chelsea Fagan identifies ten male characters from Game of Thrones and analyzes whether any is marriage material. According to her scale, no one merits a perfect 10/10, but Joffrey Baratheon does score a zero, despite being the most powerful bachelor in the realm.

External Link How to Explain Game of Thrones. On CollegeHumor, Caldwell Tanner draws up a list of ways to explain Game of Thrones (among other TV shows) to different people. I admit, I've made a number of these arguments to would-be viewers, with varying success.

External Link Video: Jaime vs. Eddard, with lightsabers. This excellent new video takes a memorable scene from Game of Thrones' first season and makes it even more epic. Watch Jaime Lannister battle Eddard Stark, Jedi-style:

External Link CollegeHumor's Season 2 RPG. Following the success of last year's game, CollegeHumor has once again adapted Game of Thrones as a 16-bit RPG. The sequel features new storylines from the second season, including a game-long fetch quest for Daenerys.

External Link A Clash of Attack Ads of Kings. Ever wonder what Westeros would look like in the age of super-PACs? Mother Jones has the answer, posting attack ad videos challenging the viability of three contenders for the Iron Throne.

External Link Cracked's Board Game of Thrones. What if there was a board game that adapted the dense and morally ambiguous TV show of the same name? has a new video that looks at the possibility of playing Game of Thrones with your friends and family at home.

External Link TV heraldry, according to CollegeHumor. Good news, everyone! Inspired by the heraldry of Game of Thrones, CollegeHumor has created house sigils and mottos for a dozen notable television families.

Brave, LEGO, Bagpipes, and Bears

While we wait for tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, check out these cool fan-made videos: Brave Trailer Mash Up, A Clash of LEGO, The Bagpipes Cover, The Bear and the Maiden Fair. The videos are also embedded after the jump:


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