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External Link Brewery Ommegang's Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat. Just in time for the sixth season comes Brewery Ommegang's sixth Game of Thrones inspired beer... "Seven Kingdoms." The new brew blends two styles, a traditional Belgian wheat and a hop-forward American ale. Okay, so the numbers don't quite add up to seven (although "Seven Kingdoms" has been a proposed title for Ommegang for a couple of years now), but Ommegang has done well both critically and commercially with its Game of Thrones line. They just re-released two previous beers, Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout, which you might still be able to find in a retailer near you in a handsome new package. Seven Kingdoms will be available nationally in March 2016.

Season 1 and 2 Blu-ray Steelbooks available today

If you don't yet have the first two Game of Thrones seasons on Blu-ray, or you're thinking about gifts for the holiday, HBO has just released a special collectors edition of Game of Thrones Seasons 1 and 2. Sporting a new Steelbook look that matches the show's signature opening titles, the new Blu-rays include the first twenty episodes, as well as all the bonus content found in the original Blu-rays. The episodes have also received a technical upgrade, making Game of Thrones the first TV show to use Dolby Atmos sound on its Blu-rays. Buy the Season 1 Steelbook and the Season 2 Steelbook today, and look for another announcement when Seasons 3 and 4 Steelbooks are released. Read the full press release below.

Game of Thrones: In Memoriam

As happens every year, Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony is being criticized for being overlong and somehow having an "In Memoriam" segment that failed to be long enough. On the other hand, Game of Thrones: In Memoriam is a new book from HBO and Running Press that can't be faulted for a lack of dense macabre. The novelty book pays tribute to the most notable deaths in the series, from the very first casualties beyond the Wall to the shocking murders that end Season 4 (and humorously includes a certain character multiple times). Featuring sharp photos, bios, and quotes from the dearly departed, the book is clearly well-produced but hard to recommend as anything but a gift for the most hardcore Game of Thrones fan. You can find it now on and the HBO Shop. Below is the full press release about the book and other upcoming products from Running Press.

Season 4 Blu-ray, DVDs on sale today

The Game of Thrones Season 4 Blu-ray set officially goes on sale today. The set includes all ten episodes of Season 4 in full digital HD, as well as special features like in-episode guides, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and a blooper reel. We'll review the bonus content once we've gone through it all. You'll find the Blu-ray sets in most stores for about $35, and some US retailers have even sweetened the deal a bit. Best Buy is offering exclusive House-themed covers for their Season 4 sets, Walmart an exclusive Joffrey figurine, and Target an exclusive photo book. And in case you're missing a season, Target is also selling the previous seasons at a discount this week. One last deal: the Google Play Store has made the show's very first episode, "Winter Is Coming," free for Play Movie streamers.

The Winter Game of Thrones Buyer's Guide

With the holiday season over and Valentine's Day a month away, there may be no better time to forget about gifts for others and instead treat yourself, namely with some Game of Thrones gear. The most notable item coming out this winter will be the Season 4 Blu-ray set (scheduled for release February 17). Not surprisingly, the list of other worthy collectibles is the same as it was just before Christmas. So consider this winter's guide a recap of late 2014, in case you missed some of the best items or if you're looking for something new for yourself.

The Fall Game of Thrones Buyer's Guide

Later this month, Bantam will release The World of Ice & Fire. The new book, co-authored by George R. R. Martin and's Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson, is a massive concordance that promises to tell the untold history of Westeros and the game of thrones. It will be written in the same style as GRRM's most recent short stories, "The Princess and the Queen" and "The Rogue Prince" (both of which were originally intended to be part of this world book). You can read an excerpt here.

The World of Ice & Fire will be available in bookstores on October 28. Preorder it now from Amazon and Amazon UK. Tower of the Hand will of course provide additional coverage of the book and discussion threads once it is available.

External Link Living Language Dothraki. Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational Language Course Based on the Hit Original HBO Series Game of Thrones is the first official guide to Dothraki, compiled by David J. Peterson, who also created the language for HBO's Game of Thrones. The course will offer vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and even cultural notes, and will come in three editions ranging from $3.99 to $30. Living Language Dothraki will be available October 7, 2014. You can pre-order the book now from the HBO Shop or No need to thank me; there is no word for "thank you" in Dothraki.

Threezero's Tyrion Lannister

Threezero is now taking orders on its Tyrion Lannister figure, the first of a new series of figures based on Game of Thrones. Threezero's Tyrion stands at 9" tall, is fully-articulated and highly-detailed, and comes with a miniature book and goblet, as well as interchangeable hands. It can be found on Threezero's online store for $130, and will also be available at the HBO Shop and other retailers at a later date. Read on for the full press release and to see some photos of Tyrion in action.


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