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External Link Potential Dunk and Egg show in early development. Yesterday saw a bit of surprising news on the spinoff front: HBO is reportedly developing a new show based on the Dunk and Egg tales. As you all know, George R. R. Martin has written three short novels about a hedge knight and his young squire as they travel about Westeros, some ninety years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire. If you didn't know that already, well, then you should read them. They're good and now conveniently packaged as one book: A Tale of the Seven Kingdoms.

Variety broke the news of the potential prequel, which is clearly in as "early development" as a TV show could possibly get:

No writer or talent is currently attached to the project, but sources say it is a high priority for HBO as the premium cabler looks to build on the success of "Game of Thrones."

This move seems like it's all about the streaming wars. House of the Dragon remains on track to debut in 2022, but that's no longer enough to compete with all the Star Wars and Marvel shows set to drop in the near future. HBO is betting that Dunk and Egg can add quality and quantity to its HBO Max lineup (we'll discuss whether or not it can on another day), and I would bet that this is just the first move into fully making Game of Thrones a franchise.

Not a Q&A

Ever since George R. R. Martin announced the release date of Fire & Blood a couple of weeks ago, reactions to the news have ranged from supportive to... very much not supportive. On Not a Blog especially, readers have taken to the comments section to voice their opinions. Surprisingly, GRRM has responded to some of these comments directly. While he is unlikely to satisfy those who are most upset by the wait for The Winds of Winter, GRRM does his best to sell Fire & Blood, clarify what he believes to be misconceptions about his works and obligations, and even answer some speculative questions about A Song of Ice and Fire. All in all, it amounts to a fairly effective Q&A session, almost as good as one we might get were we to attend an actual convention with GRRM himself.

Of course, scouring through the comments section on Not a Blog -- any comments section really -- can be hazardous to one's health, so I've attempted to collect and collate most of GRRM's comments for you below, alongside paraphrased versions of the questions that prompted GRRM's responses. (I've also referenced the original questions, too, so feel free to read those to see the full context and color of the commenters.)

External Link Seven seasons and a movie? Yep, George R. R. Martin went there. Responding to recent news that Game of Thrones may end its run in seven or eight seasons, possibly before he even finishes writing the final book of A Song of Ice and Fire, GRRM proposed a big budget, blockbuster movie to wrap everything up. That of course assumes that there is anything left unwrapped. The producers know the ending to his story (they say it's absolutely satisfying), and they think they'll have it all covered in seven years. James Poniewozik is a fan of both the TV show and the books, and argues that it's fine to let each end on its own schedule. Aidan Moher adds that Game of Thrones may be better off streamlining some of ASOIAF's many side plots and leaving their resolutions to the book.

External Link GRRM recaps the latest news. George R. R. Martin's first substantial blog in a while discusses several noteworthy items, albeit briefly. He's already written his script for the third season of Game of Thrones; it's called "Autumn Storms" and will be the season's seventh episode. Dangerous Women is edging towards completion; this new anthology that GRRM is editing will also include the next Dunk and Egg tale. Work continues on several Ice and Fire tie-ins: The Lands of Ice and Fire (a map book), The World of Ice and Fire (a concordance), and calendars featuring artists Marc Simonetti and Gary Gianni (for 2013 and 2014, respectively). As for The Winds of Winter, GRRM says, "Yes, I'm working on that too. At the moment, I am writing about the Dothraki. More than that, I sayeth not, you know I don't like to talk about this stuff."

The Sworn Sword Re-read. Today we open discussion on The Sworn Sword, the second Dunk and Egg tale. Members are encouraged to re-read the story (or read our chapter summary, now with quotes!), rate and comment on it, and take the new Trivia Quiz. We have also added a brand new timeline essay, The Dunk and Egg Timeline. You'll have to temporarily adjust your scope to The Sworn Sword to see the whole timeline.

Discussion of The Mystery Knight begins next Tuesday, which coincidentally, is when the third Dunk and Egg tale hits bookstores. If you intend to buy the book, please consider pre-ordering it from and supporting this site at the same time. Thanks again!

Sworn Sword Hardcover. Per the Official Website, The Sworn Sword graphic novel is now available at your local book/comic store. Produced by DB Pro and Marvel, all six previously-released issues of The Sworn Sword adaptation have been collected into one handsome hardcover. In other news, Not a Blog has new/revised schedules for GRRM's trip to Portugal and Spain.



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