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Good Fortune in the Decade to Come

What does the future hold for our favorite books and offshoots? Well, I've looked into the flames and I've seen what is to come in the decade ahead. Like all seers, my interpretations of prophecies range from bold to ridiculous, and all them are likely to be proven very, very wrong. But I've enjoyed this admittedly self-indulgent exercise and I invite you to add your thoughts and predictions, too.

External Link Video: A Game of Thrones Halloween. No doubt the heirs of other houses are marching upon your proud abode as you read this, eager to demand fealty. In that spirit, please enjoy this Funny or Die Halloween video that Game of Thrones enthusiasts may find a little too familiar:

Pitch this Game of Thrones spinoff

To me, this looks like a publicity shot for one of those mid-90s sitcoms that NBC tried airing after Friends. What do you think? What Game of Thrones spinoff/reboot could this be promoting? Feel free to describe some episodes of your alternative Game of Thrones show.

External Link What is dead rises again, as 8-bit GIFs. BuzzFeed contributor Antonia Heslop lists the 14 most brutal deaths in Game of Thrones so far, and helpfully illustrates them in the form of 8-bit animated GIFs. Or, in the case of White Walkers and wights, as re-animated GIFs. Spoilers through Season 3.

External Link Roast King Joffrey, a Social Media Event. It seems that Westeros is now in the midst of a corporate-sponsored, social media event whose aim is to "roast" King Joffrey. On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you'll find thousands of people posting jokes at the king's expense, mocking his quotes, and sharing videos of his worst moments. Indeed, #RoastJoffrey is already trending on Twitter.

External Link Video: Tywin Lannister's Dinner Party. When Tywin Lannister invites you to dinner, you have no choice but to attend, no matter how awkward the small talk must be. Would it be rude to ask for bread and salt as appetizers?

External Link Game of Thrones' fathers know best. BuzzFeed identifies 15 reasons why Game of Thrones is basically about your dad. Although some of the characters the list includes aren't actually fathers and most of the rest would never win any parenting awards. In any case, Happy Father's Day everyone!

Game of Thrones goes to the Oscars?

This Sunday marks an annual tradition in Hollywood: the Academy Awards. Yes, the Oscars are a self-congratulatory ceremony, full of winners who are better at politics than acting, and devoid of any recognition that these talking pictures will solve few of the world's ills... Yet I love the Oscars. My sister and I have been betting on Oscar winners since I was 11 and it's been a long time since I failed to watch all of the year's best picture nominees. Still, I can understand why you'd rather pass on the ceremony because, really, what ordinary moviegoer wants to celebrate a torturously-long Austrian film about the indignity of aging? With that in mind, let's see if you would be more interested in this year's nominees if they had a Game of Thrones twist.


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