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External Link GRRM's Not a Blog gets a new URL. Update your bookmarks: George R. R. Martin's "Not a Blog" has moved to a new address:

All of GRRM's previous blog entries have been migrated to the new URL and GRRM already has an inaugural post on the new site, writing about one of his favorite topics: the NFL draft. (Some of you may recall why Not a Blog was originally founded, nearly thirteen years ago. GRRM had discovered that some of his readers weren't happy with the content of the "updates" he had been giving on his official website. Not a Blog gave him a new outlet to discuss non-ASOIAF related topics, which fans could read or ignore -- or read and ignore, and wonder aloud, "When is the next book coming out?" Some things will never change.)

Aside from changing the URL and the banner graphic, the new site looks functionally similar to the old one, though the slight redesign is more in keeping with the style of GRRM's Official Website. Also, GRRM notes on Twitter that his team will be trying out a new platform (WordPress, if I'm not mistaken), so it appears that he's moving on from LiveJournal in more ways than one.

The best multimedia reviewers for Season 6. In case you haven't gotten your fill of Game of Thrones recaps, reviews, essays, and roundtables from us here on Tower of the Hand, we want to remind you to visit a few of our friends for a fuller multimedia experience. As they have done and will do for every Game of Thrones episode, A Podcast of Ice and Fire and Vassals of Kingsgrave have their podcast reviews of "The Red Woman." Race for the Iron Throne's Steven Attewell has also posted his weekly video review.

We also want to draw your attention to two new video reviews, started just this season. GoT Academy has contributed some great video essays to Tower of the Hand, so we're excited to see them expand their coverage. Also, Lord Bloodraven has been one of our most valued (and patient) members, so we want to share with everyone his new video reviews: FreyPiesForSkagos. Please enjoy their analyses of "The Red Woman," and subscribe to their channels, too, so you don't miss their new reviews.

External Link Tyrion Lannister's Man Cave. Get a glimpse of "Tyrion Lannister's Man Cave" through this unique, interactive model of Tyrion's bed chambers. Find all the objects within that speak of his more significant moments throughout the series. Thanks, Sebastian, for sharing this with us; we hope you're thinking about other characters and locales that might get the same treatment.


External Link TeeFury's Game of Tees Giveaway. works with independent artists to create a range of limited edition products that celebrate every fandom. To mark the occasion of Season 5's debut, TeeFury is holding a huge giveaway this week, April 13 to April 20. The three big prizes are Jon Snow's sword, the Hound's helm and a set of dragon eggs (all officially licensed). TeeFury is also giving away ten shirts a day, from their collection of Game of Thrones inspired tees. Find out how to enter here. Good luck!

External Link Game of Thrones: The Compendium. Throughout the years, Tower of the Hand has been privileged to showcase some of your talents, whether they be essays or artwork or some other clever inspirations. Today HBO opens up an official resource where fans can share their work, too: Game of Thrones: The Compendium. On this new site, artists, craftsmen, musicians, foodies and more are invited to literally write the book on Westeros; a few notable VIPs will handpick selected contributions to be curated into a printed book. Learn more about the collaborative project in the press release below and check out the site to see how you can submit your work.

External Link Watchers on the Wall. Follow the kingsroad due north, take the black, and join Watchers on the Wall for the latest Game of Thrones news and commentary. This brand new site was founded by a number of former Winter Is Coming writers with the hopes of providing the same exhaustive coverage of the HBO adaptation, but in a place more welcoming to both show fans and book readers. The filming of Season 5 has just begun, so now's a great time to check out the latest casting news and rumors at Watchers on the Wall.

External Link History Behind Game of Thrones. History Behind Game of Thrones is a history website that attempts to draw parallels between Game of Thrones and history. Created by Jamie Adair, the website features articles comparing events from George R. R. Martin's stories to their real-world counterparts, historic recaps of Game of Thrones episodes, and interviews on all subjects with actual historians. If you're looking for more in-depth analysis of the novels and the HBO show, look no further than History Behind Game of Thrones.

External Link Roast King Joffrey, a Social Media Event. It seems that Westeros is now in the midst of a corporate-sponsored, social media event whose aim is to "roast" King Joffrey. On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you'll find thousands of people posting jokes at the king's expense, mocking his quotes, and sharing videos of his worst moments. Indeed, #RoastJoffrey is already trending on Twitter.


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