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Appendix Ages

A comparison of ages for various characters from ASOIAF, as given in the appendices.
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In the neverending quest to determine dates and character ages from A Song of Ice and Fire, it helps to have a list of known ages all in one place. Below we compare the ages listed in the appendices from the first five books.
Robert Arryn688188
Joffrey Baratheon121313122
Myrcella Baratheon89999
Tommen Baratheon78888
Shireen Baratheon910111111
Amerei Frey 16
Roslin Frey 161616
Big Walder 8
Little Walder 8
Obara Sand 28
Nymeria Sand 25
Tyene Sand 23
Sarella Sand 19
Elia Sand 14
Obella Sand 12
Dorea Sand 8
Loreza Sand 6
Robb Stark1415 16
Sansa Stark1112121313
Arya Stark910101111
Bran Stark789499
Rickon Stark34444
Jon Snow1415
Daenerys Targaryen1314
Maester Aemon 102
Margaery Tyrell14151516
Bar Emmon, Duram 141515
Bulwer, Alysanne 88
Cerwyn, Cley 1414
Cerwyn, Jonelle 32
Chyttering, Lucos 1616
Glover, Gawen 333
Glover, Erena 11
Hill, Joy 11111111
Karstark, Alys 1515
Lannister, Janei 3
Merryweather, Russell 6
Norcross, Alester 9
Norcross, Renly 3
Payne, Podrick 1010
Redwyne, Desmera 16
Reed, Meera 15161616
Reed, Jojen 13131313
Stokeworth, Lollys 3334
Seaworth, Stannis 9910
Seaworth, Steffon 666
Snow, Larence 121313
Storm, Edric 1212
Stone, Mya 19 19
Velaryon, Monterys 66
Westerling, Jeyne 16
Westerling, Eleyna 1212
Westerling, Rollam 99
Yronwood, Gwyneth 12
Wex 12
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Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books.
  • 1 - The ASOS Tully Appendix lists Robert's age as 7, which contradicts the age given in the ASOS Arryn Appendix.
  • 2 - Sic. The AFFC Queen Regent Appendix is clearly wrong, as Joffrey's age is noted many times in the previous books.
  • 3 - The ages of the Freys are too numerous to list here, so I chose a select few.
  • 4 - The ASOS Tully Appendix lists Bran's age as 8, which contradicts the age given in the ASOS Stark Appendix.