Tower of the Hand

House Standards

A list of all the known sigils and mottos of the Noble Houses.
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Great Houses

ArrynHouse ArrynThe moon-and-falcon, white, upon a sky blue fieldAs High As Honor
BaratheonHouse BaratheonA crowned stag, black, on a golden fieldOurs is the Fury
GreyjoyHouse GreyjoyA golden kraken upon a black fieldWe Do Not Sow
LannisterHouse LannisterA golden lion upon a crimson fieldHear Me Roar!
MartellHouse MartellA red sun pierced by a golden spearUnbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
StarkHouse StarkA grey direwolf on an ice-white fieldWinter Is Coming
TargaryenHouse TargaryenA three-headed dragon, red on blackFire and Blood
TullyHouse TullyA leaping trout, silver, on a field of rippling blue and redFamily, Duty, Honor
TyrellHouse TyrellA golden rose on a grass-green fieldGrowing Strong

Other Houses

BoltonA flayed man3
BotleyA shoal of silver fish upon a pale green field4
BrackenA red stallion5
BraxA purple unicorn6
CerwynA battle axe3
CleganeThree dogs in the yellow of autumn grass9
Codd Though All Men Do Despise Us4
DondarrionA purple lightning bolt on a black field12
EstermontA sea turtle, green on green7
FlorentA fox head in a circle of flowers14
Fowler Let me soar15
FreyTwin towers, blue on silvery grey5
GloverA mailed fist, silver on scarlet3
HarlawA silver scythe plain upon a night-black field4
Hightower19A stepped white tower crowned with fire on a smoke-grey fieldWe Light the Way
HornwoodA bull moose3
HuntA brown deer, dead and bound and slung beneath a pole21
KarstarkA white sun on black22
LeygoodThree thunderbolts2
MootonA red salmon24
MormontA black bear3
MullendoreA cloud of black-and-orange butterflies7
OakheartOak leaves7
RedwyneA cluster of grapes, burgundy on blue29
SlyntA bloody spear, gold on a night-black field30
TallhartThree sentinel trees3
TarlyA striding huntsman7
TarthA yellow sun and crescent moon on quartered rose and azure2
UmberA roaring giant in shattered chains3
WullThree brown buckets on a blue field, with a border of white and grey checks36
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