Tower of the Hand

Only son of Lord Hoster Tully and Lady Minisa Whent.
Edmure Tully
Edmure Tully ~ Amok
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Only son of Lord Hoster Tully and Lady Minisa Whent.

Due to Lord Hoster's illness, Ser Edmure took charge of the defense of the Riverlands when Lord Tywin Lannister threatened to invade. (AGOT 41) His preparations were woefully inadequate, and most of the region was overrun quickly. Ser Edmure met Jaime Lannister's army before the walls of Riverrun and was soundly defeated, wounded, and captured. He was rescued during the Battle of the Camps by Robb Stark's forces. (AGOT 70) Soon afterwards, he pledged himself to Robb as the king in the North. (AGOT 72)

When Robb marched west, Edmure was left at Riverrun to hold the Riverlands. When Lord Tywin moved west to meet Robb in the Westerlands, Edmure formulated a plan to deny him passage and trap him. He called his banners to hold the fords over the Red Fork and then ordered Lord Roose Bolton to take Harrenhal to deny Tywin his base of operations in the Riverlands, leaving him exposed in the open. (ACOK 40) Ser Edmure managed to prevent Lord Tywin from crossing the river in a series of engagements culminating in a victory against Ser Gregor Clegane at Stone Mill. (ACOK 46)

When Edmure learned that his sister Catelyn freed Jaime from his dungeon while he was on campaign, he sent word to Lord Roose at Harrenhal to be on his guard and offered a reward of one thousand gold dragons for his recapture. (ASOS 3) When Robb returned from the west, he chastised Ser Edmure for engaging Tywin, as Robb's plan was to meet Tywin in the west and Edmure not only prevented that, but also allowed Tywin to link up with Mace Tyrell and crush Stannis Baratheon. (ASOS 15) As part of Robb's attempt to reconcile with Lord Walder Frey after his marriage to Jeyne Westerling, he forced Ser Edmure to marry Roslin Frey at Lord Walder's request. (ASOS 36) The wedding was a trap to lure Robb to a place where he could be isolated and killed, and the slaughter commenced after Edmure bedded his new bride at the Twins. (ASOS 52) Edmure himself was captured for use as a hostage during the massacre. (ASOS 54)

Physical Description: He is stocky with shaggy auburn hair and beard and blue eyes.

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