Tower of the Hand

Elder daughter of Ser Leo Tyrell.
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Elder daughter of Ser Leo Tyrell and Alys Beesbury.

Alla came to King's Landing as an attendant and companion of Margaery Tyrell after Lord Mace Tyrell allied with Lord Tywin Lannister against Stannis Baratheon. (ASOS 7) When Queen Cersei Baratheon conspired to have Margaery imprisoned for adultery to thwart growing Tyrell influence at court, she had Alla arrested for witnessing Margaery in her supposed illicit affairs. In the scenario dreamed up by Cersei, Alla did not actively participate in the treason and begged her cousin to stop, but did not report the crime. Cersei hoped this would make the charges more believable and make Alla more inclined to testify against her cousin. (AFFC 40) When these "crimes" were reported to the High Septon, Alla was imprisoned by the Faith along with Margaery. (AFFC 44)

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