Tower of the Hand

Bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton.
Ramsay Snow
Ramsay Snow ~ Amok
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Bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton.

Ramsay seized Lady Donella Hornwood or her way back to Hornwood from the harvest feast at Winterfell as the first step in a plan to take her lands. (ACOK 29) Once back at the Dreadfort, he married her, forced her to sign a document naming him as heir to the Hornwood lands, and left her in a dungeon to starve. (ACOK 36) Ser Rodrik Cassel rode forth to sort the situation out and cornered Ramsay with his servant, Reek. Knowing he was trapped, Ramsay switched clothes with his servant and impersonated him and was taken back to Winterfell as a prisoner. (ACOK 36) When Theon Greyjoy took the castle, Ramsay, still impersonating Reek, asked to be released and entered Theon's service. (ACOK 47) When Bran and Rickon Stark escaped Theon's custody and could not be found, Ramsay came up with a plan to kill two local millers boys, flay their faces, and dress them in the princes' clothes inorder to make the people of Winterfell believe they had been caught and killed. (ACOK 51, ACOK 57) When Theon's sister, Asha refused to give Theon more men to reinforce the castle, Ramsay volunteered to leave the castle with a bag of silver and recruit men to aid Theon's cause, which Theon gave him permission to do. (ACOK 57) He returned to the Dreadfort to gather a small army and then pretended to join his strength to Ser Rodrik outside Winterfell before killing Rodrik, scattering his army, and sacking Winterfell. (ACOK 67) Ramsay is legitimized by King Tommen Baratheon as part of his father's reward for his role in killing Robb Stark. (ASOS 73)

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