Tower of the Hand

The dominant religious faith of the Seven Kingdoms.
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The dominant religious faith of the Seven Kingdoms. Practioners of the Faith worship the Seven.

The Seven Gods
The seven gods each look over a different aspect of life:

* The Father sits in judgement over souls.
* The Mother is the goddess of life, fertility, childbirth, the hearth, and peace.
* The Warrior is the god of protection and of war.
* The Crone is the goddess of wisdom and also knows the fates of all men.
* The Smith is the god of building, smithing, farming, and other crafts.
* The Maiden is the goddess of love and beauty.
* The Stranger is considered the face of death.


* Sept - A temple of the Faith.
* Septon - A minister of the Faith. A female minister is called a septa.
* Ser - Title of a warrior who has distinguished himself and been annointed as a knight by the Faith. To become a knight, one must be of the Faith, stand vigil in a sept, and be consecrated with the seven oils.


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